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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

David Shepherd is known internationally as one of the world's leading wildlife artists. He is also a passionate conservationist and he freely admits that he owes all his success to the animals he paints.


Prolific in output as a painter with a brimful of stories and anecdotes, David says he is an extrovert who enjoys talking. He likes being known as a natural promoter and an ardent ambassador for conservation - it's the way he is.


David became an artist in his tender years after his ambition to become a Gamewarden in Kenya's National Parks was thwarted. Beginning by painting birds, David moved onto Aviation pictures and realised that he could get commissions by giving his aviation paintings to the airlines.


Powertraveller is proud to be supporting DSWF by supplying their Gamewardens with the fantastic powermonkey explorer which keeps the warden's mobile phones, etc charged up at all times - essential whilst they are out on anti-poaching patrols.


Manything is a revolutionary new service that turns your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a sophisticated video recording and monitoring device.

Dust off your old iPhone, download the app, and everything you record is streamed to your Manything account where you can watch it live or review it later. Manything is packed with handy features like movement and sound detection, clip editing and sharing, and the ability to stream video and stills over both WiFi and cellular. Use Manything to watch your home when you’re not there or take it with you and use the powermonkey extreme to get up to 18 hours of live streaming and recording from your next adventure! 

Bright Green Enterprise

Bright Green Enterprise is a social enterprise structured organisation, which works with schools in the UK and East Africa to bring work related learning programmes into the curriculum. Each year we work with thousands of students up to sixth form, to engage them in developing their skills and applying their ideas, towards building innovative, sustainable and alternative product solutions and technologies.  The team is made up of practising marketeers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, trade and development professionals, as well as many others, who lend their time and skills to its enterprise programmes.

Within Africa, the TIA Initiative (This is Africa) is run by industry experts within trade and product development and ecology and biodiversity. The initiative is also partnered with local businesses and workshops to encourage successful entrepreneurship in the next generation.

Although learning environments may differ from school to school and country to country, commonalities lie in a child’s ability to think creatively, logically and conceptualise the future in which they wish to live.

Bright Green Enterprise has partnered with Powertraveller to help young people better understand alternative energy solutions, as well as provide students with further development projects.


Bright Green Enterprise "Bringing Bright Ideas to Life"

Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear are manufacturers of world's standard in weapon slings, packs, pouches, cases and modular belts.

Lowland Search Dogs

Powertraveller, the portable power manufacturer based on Omega Park, Alton, has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Lowland Search Dogs, the national volunteer search and rescue organisation that locates missing people using specially trained dogs.


Powertraveller is supplying the entire network of county based teams with their latest portable chargers to ensure that the team's electronic equipment remains powered at all times.


On average, Lowland Search Dog's county based teams are called out 150-200 times per year, often to help locate the most vulnerable people in the community such as children and the elderly. All team members are volunteers who give their time and their knowledge for free.


"The ability to have portable power is essential as it keeps vital electronics such as GPS and mobile phones powered when out searching for missing people", says Seamus Kearns, Chairman of LSD. "Although we work closely with the Police and other emergency services, all our work is funded by contributions from individuals, organisations and companies like Powertraveller," he says. "This generous support enables us to keep our volunteers on the front line of searches."


"We are delighted to be able to help this incredibly worthy organisation - they really are the unsung heroes of the emergency services", says Jerry Ranger, CEO of Powertraveller.