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Frequently asked questions

How do I use the bike mount with the powermonkey explorer 2?

Please download from the bike mount accessory page

Can I charge my powermonkey explorer2 via solar power?

Yes you can. You can charge it via the solargorilla or the powermonkey extreme solar panel (sold separately) using the USB cable included with your powermonkey explorer2. 

Can I charge my powermonkey explorer2 and charge my device at the same time?

Yes you can. This is called daisy chaining. However, if the battery on your powermonkey explorer2 drops to below 10% you won’t be able to. You will have to wait until it has charged back up to 30% before being able to daisy chain again. 

Is my powermonkey explorer2 tough enough for demanding expeditions?

Yes! The powermonkey explorer2 is made of aluminium meaning it is unbelievably strong. We put it under a Land Rover wheel and it held the car up and still worked afterwards. The wire is tougher than most and the sockets have protectors so it is perfect for any expedition. 

Is my powermonkey explorer2 waterproof?

The body of your powermonkey explorer2 is totally waterproof however the input and output sockets are only IP65 (splash proof.)

How do I turn my powermonkey explorer2 on?

To turn on your powermonkey, hold down the button for three seconds. To turn it off, do the same.