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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the aquastrap when my powermonkey extreme is already wet?

Please ensure you only attach the aquastrap to a dry powermonkey extreme.  If the powermonkey extreme is already wet, the aquastrap may not secure properly.

How long will the aquastrap keep the powermonkey extreme waterproof?

The aquastrap has an IP65 rating which is tested as standard for an hour.  We do not recommend using the aquastrap with the powermonkey extreme for any longer than this.

Is my powermonkey extreme compatible with the aquastrap?

Only powermonkey extreme models manufactured after July 2012 have the locking feature that make them compatible with the aquastrap.  

To check whether your powermonkey extreme is compatible, turn over the extreme battery unit and look for two small, rectangular sockets on either side. 

Click here to download aquastrap user guide