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The startmonkey400 is a compact, jump-start system suitable for use on both standard cars and larger vehicles such as small commercial vans, 4x4s, etc that have 12Volt batteries (CCA up to 1200A). The startmonkey400 delivers a jump-start current of 12Volts at 400Amps and is packed with high-tech features to give you total peace of mind.

The startmonkey400 can restart this type of standard 12Volt vehicle battery up to 15 times (number of times will vary according to engine capacity) on a full charge thanks to its High Energy Polymer Lithium Battery.

The startmonkey400 is easy to use. Firstly ensure the engine battery is 12Volts (if 6 or 24 Volts - DO NOT USE with startmonkey400). Check the battery capacity level in the startmonkey400 and then simply attach the jump leads (red to red (+), black to black(-)) to the battery and startmonkey400 will automatically start delivering 400 Amps of continuous power.

The startmonkey400 features an LCD screen which indicates the condition of the battery.  If the voltage is less than 6V, a manual override facility allows the startmonkey400 to jump-start the car battery.  Manual override is activated by depressing the black button twice in quick succession.

Leave the startmonkey400 for 5-8 seconds, turn the ignition and your vehicle will start.

The startmonkey400 has an auto-off feature, detecting that the car has been started. If the LED array continues to flash once the car has started, turn the startmonkey400 off by holding the ON/OFF button down for 3 seconds. Disconnect the startmonkey400 and store in case provided.

On the front of the startmonkey400 is a 4-segment LED array. When the startmonkey400 is connected to the battery, the LED array will flash GREEN to visually confirm that the startmonkey400 is on. To check the level of charge in the startmonkey400 at any time, simply press the button once to show battery level. When the startmonkey400 is fully charged, all 4 segments of the array will be GREEN. When it is 3/4 charged, 3 segments will be GREEN and when it is 1/2 charged, 2 segments will be GREEN. When the startmonkey400 only has a 1/4 charge left, the LED will flash RED.

You can also use the startmonkey400 to check the voltage remaining in your car battery, Simply attach the crocodile clips (as before), if the battery has more than 6volts remaining (less than 6v will require a manual override (see above)), the startmonkey400 will automatically activate and the LCD screen will display voltage charge left.  Once you have checked your battery's condition, turn the startmonkey400 off manually by pressing the black button once BEFORE removing the crocodile clips.

It is recommended that the startmonkey400 is recharged regularly (every 3-6 months) so that it is ready to use when required. Recharging via the included in-car charger will take 6-8 hours if startmonkey400 is empty, 4 hours from 75%.

You can also recharge the startmonkey400 via the included 16v mains charger.

The startmonkey400 has very low static wastage - meaning you can leave it unused for up to 1 year and it will still hold up to 75% of its power! It can also be recharged 500 times - so if your battery is still going flat after all that time - it may be time to get a new vehicle battery!

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Milliamps Hour (mAh): 21000
Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 21 x 6.5 x 6.4
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Voltage: 12V

Safety features:
Integrated software to control charging procedure: startmonkey400 will not output or charge unless attached to 12V vehicle battery
Over-discharging protection
Over-charging protection
3-level charging protections: CPU, professional charging chipset & battery protection IC
Incorrect polarity protection
Auto-off after engine started
Manual activation if battery voltage is below 6V
Short-circuit protection

Maximum jump-start current: 400A, 4,800watts in 6-8 seconds
Battery type: 7AH x 3 Lithium Polymer rechargeable – 12V at total capacity 21,000mAh
Voltmeter displays vehicle battery condition from 1.0V to 15V
startmonkey400 auto-on from 6~15V
Manually turn-on if battery voltage is too low
4 LED array to display battery level, scrolling while being charged, low battery warning
Weight: 1.1KG
Dimensions: 210 x 65 x 64 mm
Storage time: 1 year with 75% capacity left
Working temperature: minus 27ºC to 50ºC

startmonkey400 jump starter

Flexible cable with insulated crocodile clips

12V in-car charger

16V universal AC mains charger

Protective storage case

User guide

Why are diesel cars harder to start than petrol cars?

This is due to the compression of a diesel engine.  This makes the engine harder to turn over or "crank", hence a higher cranking amp (CCA) required for diesel batteries.

What should I do if my 12V car battery drops below 6V?

Please double-click the on/off button quickly whilst the crocodile clips are attached to the vehicle battery if the 12V vehicle battery has dropped lower than 6V.

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