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Developed after several years by an award-winning market leader in the portable power industry and using feedback from real power users in some of the World's most inhospitable environments, Powertraveller have added the solarmonkey adventurer to their award-winning range.

With power a scarce commodity in some parts of the World, Powertraveller realised that a balance between solar charging and reserve battery capacity at an optimum, efficient level was a necessity and we utilised our experience to develop a powerful solar charger with an internal battery which, in optimum light conditions, can be charged by the solar panels in just 8 to 12 hours - a first for Powertraveller.

The solarmonkey adventurer is a slimline, compact 2-panel solar charger with a 2500mAh internal lithium polymer battery.  The clamshell design offers optimum weight-to-efficiency at just 265g and the 2 solar panels output 3 watt max.  The adventurer features auto-load, self sensing switching technology, meaning when a device is connected, the adventurer will automatically start to charge your device and will optimise the charging parameters required.

The polysilicon solar panel offers photovoltaic efficiency up to 17% and features a USB 700mA @ 5V output, fully supporting Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, mobile phones and other 5V gadgets such as portable games consoles, handheld GPS systems, e-readers, etc.

When adventurers finally stop after a day’s exploring the solarmonkey adventurer can carry on charging itself and other devices efficiently in low light conditions thanks to the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology within it and, when the sun finally sets, the internal battery can also keep your devices powered through the night.

All Powertraveller products undergo extensive testing and the solarmonkey adventurer is no exception. Feedback from the company’s most extreme brand ambassadors was really positive and they loved the bespoke travel case. This has been developed using toughened materials and includes integral fixings, straps and a carabiner so that the solarmonkey adventurer is well protected and can be firmly secured to a backpack to make the most of the day’s sunlight to recharge the internal battery unit while on the go. There are also pockets within the case to hold your cables and tips.

One of the features of the solarmonkey adventurer is that it can simultaneously charge the unit and recharge a device via the USB port. The bespoke travel case allows easy access to the USB port – perfect for saving time when you need to check if you have missed that important telephone call or check your coordinates on the GPS. Before embarking on your next adventure, you can pre-charge the internal battery using the International Mains Charger, available separately.

Packed full with protection features including short-circuit protection, overload protection and low voltage protection and importantly, thermal insulation battery protection giving an operating temperature range of -10 to 90 degrees C, the solarmonkey adventurer adds an exciting new dimension to the existing Powertraveller range.

Works With

iPhones/Smart Phones
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles

Will Also Work With

Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
Mobile Phone
Head Torches

Number of Charges

iPad/tablet                         25%

iPhone/smartphone        1-2 times

GPS                                   1-3 times

Mobile phone                   2-3 times

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Milliamps Hour (mAh): 2500
Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 17 x 9.6 x 2.275
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Polymer
Voltage: USB 5V

Short-circuit protection
Overload protection
Low voltage protection
Thermal insulation battery protection: giving an operating temperature range of -10 to 90 degrees C


Input: solar and DC 5V 

Output: USB port: 5V 700mA

Internal battery: Lithium-ion Polymer
Energy: 9.2WH
Static Power Waste: <50uA
Internal battery protection voltage: 3.3V and recovery voltage at 3.7V when connected to device
Solar panel composite: polysilicon
Weight: 265g (unit only)
Dimensions: 170 x 96 x 22.75mm with 2mm safety gap between solar panels

Solarmonkey adventurer portable charger

5 mobile device tips including: micro USB, mini USB, Nokia (DC 2.0), Sony Ericsson and Samsung.

USB connection cable

monkeytails USB to Apply sync/charging cable


Protective storage case

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Can I use my solarmonkey through a glass window or under a light bulb?

No, your solarmonkey needs to be outside in bright sunshine.

How do I turn the solarmonkey adventurer on?

Simply attach the tip you require to the DC end of the USB / DC cable and then connect USB end to the solarmonkey adventurer.  The unit will automatically detect device and start charging.

How do I recharge the internal battery of the solarmonkey adventurer?

There are two ways to do this.

You can place the unit in direct sunlight with the solar panels perpendicular to the sun.  12 hours of strong sunlight will charge the internal battery fully.


You can attach the USB / DC charging cable into any 5V USB output socket (e.g. on your computer), plugging the DC (round) end into the DC input socket located next to the 5V USB socket at the bottom of the solarmonkey adventurer.

Whilst the unit is charging, the LED will show RED.  Once the unit is charged, the LED will show GREEN.

Can I charge the solarmonkey adventurer internal battery via AC mains?

Yes.  You can use our universal travel adaptor to charge the internal battery of the solarmonkey adventurer via AC Mains.

What devices will the solarmonkey adventurer charge?

The solarmonkey adventurer will charge virtually any 5V device.  This includes;
cell phones
Sat Nav

If you are unsure whether the solarmonkey adventurer is suitable for your device, please contact our support team.

How many charges will the solarmonkey adventurer give my iPad?

The solarmonkey adventurer will give your iPad a 25% charge.

How many times will the solarmonkey adventurer charge my iPhone or smartphone?

The solarmonkey adventurer will charge your iPhone or other smartphone 1-2 times.  Standard mobile phones will get up to three full charges.

How big is the solarmonkey adventurer?

This fabulous charger is actually very compact.  It measures just 170 x 96 x 22mm when folded and weighs just 265g.

What tips are included with the solarmonkey adventurer?

Included in the kit are the following tips:

Nokia and Mini Nokia
Samsung G600
Sony Ericsson (wide tip)
Mini USB
Micro USB
USB to Apple 30-pin sync / charge cable for iPad/iPhone/iPod (not Apple lightning)

What type of battery is inside the solarmonkey adventurer and how big is it?

The solarmonkey adventurer has an internal Lithium-ion Polymer battery, with a capacity of 2500mAh.

What is MPPT technology?

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracker.  It is a solar energy detection feature within the battery which allows the solar panel to charge your device efficiently even in low light conditions.

Can I purchase additional tips for the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yes.  You can purchase additional tips directly from our website using the tip selector.

Is the solarmonkey adventurer waterproof?

No.  The solarmonkey adventurer is not completely waterproof but it is water resistant so will survive a few drops of rain or splashes.

Will the solarmonkey adventurer charge my laptop?

No.  Laptops require a much greater voltage than the solarmonkey adventurer is able to provide.  Please consider the powergorilla.

Is there an in-car charger for the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yes.  Purchase one of our fabulous little motormonkey in-car chargers.

Connect the solarmonkey adventurer to it using the USB / DC cable supplied with the unit.

What is the carabiner for?

The carabiner is a great accessory to the solarmonkey adventurer.

Use it to attach the unit to your tent or rucksack so you can charge the internal battery (or your device) throughout the day.

Can I charge a device whilst I am charging the solarmonkey adventurer battery?

This is something we call daisy-chaining.  You can daisy-chain using the solarmonkey adventurer, but some devices work a little differently than others.

For example, if you were charging the solarmonkey adventurer via AC mains, whilst charging an iPad at the same time, you would notice that the solarmonkey adventurer appears to drop its charge, although your iPad would be 25% charged. 

This is because the solarmonkey adventurer has a limited input current of 500mA whilst the iPad draws power of 1000mA.  Once your iPad is charged, the AC mains charger will then begin to charge the adventurer internal battery.

If I am not going to use my monkey or gorilla charger for a while, is it best to store it with a charge remaining?

Yes.  If you plan to store your gorilla or monkey portable charger for a long period of time without use, it should be stored with at least 60% charge remaining.  This helps keeps the internal battery in good condition.

Will the solarmonkey adventurer charge the iPad 4?

No, it will not charge it, it will only power the iPad 4.  This is because the iPad 4, despite still being 5V, draws higher amperage than the solarmonkey adventurer can produce.

Can you charge a device whilst simultaneously charging the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yes you can.  This is called "daisy-chaining".  It is possible to daisy-chain with the solarmonkey adventurer whilst it is charging itself from the sun, USB or AC mains.

When I charge my solarmonkey adventurer until it is fully charged, then leave it overnight - when I plug it in the next morning the red light comes on for about 10-15 minutes before it then turns green?

This is due to a battery feature.  After the solarmonkey adventurer is fully charged, the battery voltage drops slightly. Therefore the charging circuit thinks the battery is not full when the power source is connected again, when in fact, it is.

Can I use the white sync / charge cable that came with my iPhone directly into the solarmonkey adventurer?

Yes, you can use the Apple-supplied white sync / charge cable to charge your iPhone directly from the solarmonkey adventurer.

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