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The award-winning powermonkey extreme just got even better.

Originally launched in 2011 after five years in development, the powermonkey extreme is the culmination of feedback from real power users in some of the most remote locations on the planet and completely embodies Powertraveller's understanding of customer's power requirements when they are "off-grid".

As of March 2013, the powermonkey extreme has undergone some serious upgrades to further cement the product's reputation as "charger of choice" in the outdoor and adventure travel market.

The powermonkey extreme houses a massive 9000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery and offers users real power in a compact, durable shell. The unit is capable of recharging most 5V devices, (including an iPhone/smart phones up to 4 times, a Garmin Edge 800 up to 6 times, standard mobiles up to 8 times and iPad up to 2 times depending on the model), but it is the 2013 model that really pushes the boundaries.

The most important improvement for 2013 is the change to the powermonkey extreme's DC output option. The standard 5V USB socket remains but the DC port has been upgraded to output 12V (previously 5V), meaning that the powermonkey extreme is now capable of charging SLR camera batteries, portable DVD players and much more directly from the unit. This upgrade alone pushes the powermonkey extreme out ahead of its nearest competitors in terms of charging capabilities, whilst the kit remains lightweight and compact enough for even the most space-conscious traveller.

The updated model also includes a female in-car socket so if users only have an in-car charger for their device, they can now recharge it directly from the powermonkey extreme.

The powermonkey extreme is capable of charging iPads and tablets too. iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini can be plugged directly into the extreme's USB socket via customer's Apple-supplied white sync / charge cable and will recharge up to 2 times depending on the model of your iPad. The iPad 4 has slightly different charging requirements and so the 2013 powermonkey extreme includes a gorilla-pad adaptor specifically for this model. The gorilla-pad plugs into the 12V DC socket and is used together with customer's Apple sync / charge cable to charge iPad 4. You can also use the gorilla-pad for the other iPads/tablets or to give yourself another 5V USB socket if required.

The powermonkey extreme is waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 metre and shock resistant - perfect for the outdoor, marine & adventure enthusiast, as well as military & aid agencies. When used in conjunction with the aquastrap, the powermonkey extreme will be kept watertight whilst it charges your devices.

For 2013, changes to the LCD screen which displays battery capacity level and working status complete the upgrades to the powermonkey extreme. Rather than bars indicating how much power is in the unit, the new powermonkey extreme has a digital read out numbered from 01 (requires charging) to 99 (fully charged). When the unit requires charging, the battery icon in the bottom corner will flash. Whilst the unit is charging, the LCD screen will turn red and then green once charging is complete. During normal operation, the LCD screen will be blue.

 Its unique one touch friction swipe ON/OFF control is designed so the  friction switch can only be turned on if swiped from left to right, which helps to reduce the risk of it being accidently turning on when not in use. To turn the powermonkey extreme on, swipe the panel from left to right with your thumb.  To turn off, swipe with your thumb from right to left.  When the 5V device or tablet computer is fully charged, the auto shut-off function means the powermonkey extreme will turn itself off after 2 minutes, so the user does not have to monitor the charge state of the device being charged - thus saving power.

The powermonkey extreme can be recharged in three ways; via the universal mains charger, via the solar panel or via USB.  Whilst the unit is recharging, the LCD screen will be red, once fully charged, the screen will turn green.  When the unit is in use, the screen will be blue!

The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offers 3 Watt max output, allowing full recharge of the powermonkey extreme within 18-22 hours in optimum light conditions. The powermonkey extreme also has a solar energy detection feature which activates the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology, allowing the solar panel to charge the powermonkey unit more efficiently in low light conditions. Users can also simultaneously use the solar panel to charge the powermonkey extreme whilst it is charging their device.

The solar panel can be attached to tents or rucksacks via the included Velcro strap, so is perfect for hiking and is designed to take the knocks and spills of both the power hungry adventurer and the busy traveller.  You can even purchase a Y cable (see "other products" at the bottom of the page) which enables users to connect two extreme solar panels to one extreme battery unit, thus allowing for quicker charging of the battery.

The Polysilicon solar panel offers photovoltaic efficiency up to 17% and features a USB output, fully supporting Apple iPhone/iPod, mobile phones and other 5V gadgets such as portable games consoles, handheld GPS systems, etc.  The solar panel can fully charge the powermonkey extreme in approx 18-22 hours.

The powermonkey extreme unit weighs 242g and measures 152 x 59.5 x 28mm, whilst the solar panel weighs 214g, measures 171 x 90 mm and is 18mm deep when folded. The unit has a very low static wastage (meaning you can leave it for up to 1 year and it will still hold 75% of its charge) and includes a whole host of safety features to give you total peace of mind. The powermonkey extreme comes complete with a useful, durable zipped travel case and is available in four striking colours: Sleek Black, Electric Blue, Graphite Grey, Safety Yellow and Vibrant Red.

You may also want to consider the aquastrap - a clever accessory designed specifically for the powermonkey extreme to keep it watertight whilst it charges your devices!

Works With

SLR Cameras
Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
iPhones/Smart Phones
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles

Will Also Work With

Mobile Phone
Head Torches


Number of Charges


iPad/tablet                                    50% - 2 times

iPhone/smartphone                   3-6 times

Via 12V

DVD Player                                 4 hours

Powertraveller cameranut/       2-3 times

Camera batteries cradle

Click here to download the product datasheet
Milliamps Hour (mAh): 9000
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Voltage: USB 5V and 12V DC

Safety Features:
Short-circuit protection
Overload protection
Reverse discharge current protection
Low voltage protection

Input: 5V 850mAh max.
Output: USB port: 5V 1A and 12V DC port 800mAh, solar panel output 3 watts (with addition of gorilla-pad from DC output will be 5V 2A)
Battery Chemical: Lithium Polymer
Energy: 33.3 WH
Static power waste <50 µA
Total weight: 456g

powermonkey extreme: battery unit and solar panel

9 x mobile device tips including: Nokia (tail of DC cable), DC 2.0 (mini Nokia), mini USB, micro USB, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, DC 4.0 (Sony PSP), Female USB to DC cable

USB charging cable

DC Connection cable

DC Connector tip "L53D"

Female 12V in-car socket

Gorilla-pad connector

Universal AC mains charger

Velcro strap

Tips pouch

Protective zip storage case

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Will the powermonkey classic, explorer or extreme charge my Iridium 9500 Sat Phone?

Unfortunately, the powermonkey classic and powermonkey explorer will not be a suitable accessory for the Iridium 9500. This phone is only rechargeable via a cigarette lighter socket. The solution would be to buy either a powermonkey extreme which now has a 12V output, a minigorilla plus female lighter socket or a powergorilla (female socket included). Both gorilla products would need to be set at 12V to recharge the Iridium phone.

The newer Iridium phones - 9505a and the 9555 - do have a DC in port and are therefore compatible with the powermonkey.

How do I turn on my powermonkey extreme?

Slide your finger across the friction control pad from left to right.  The LCD display should be on your LEFT.  The LCD screen should flash THREE times.

How do I turn off my powermonkey extreme?

slide your finger across the friction control panel from right to left.  The LCD screen should be on your LEFT.

My powermonkey extreme will not turn on. Why?

  • Firstly ensure the powermonkey extreme battery unit has been charged.
  • Ensure you have swiped your thumb across the friction control pad from left to right and that the LCD screen has flashed three times.  The LCD screen should always be on your left.
  • Please note that if you only tap the friction control pad, the LCD screen will display a capacity reading - this does NOT indicate that the unit is on.
  • If you have tried all of the above, contact support@powertraveller.com

My powermonkey extreme will not turn off. Why?

The powermonkey extreme will not turn off automatically.  It is possible to activate the auto-off function (Auto-off enables the powermonkey to switch itself off after your device is fully charged.  Details of how to activate the auto-off feature are in the following FAQ.)

Ensure you have used your thumb to swipe the friction control pad from right to left.  The LCD screen should be on your LEFT when doing this.

If your unit STILL will not switch off, please contact support@powertraveller.com for assistance.

How do I activate the auto-off feature?

The powermonkey extreme will not turn off automatically when your device is fully charged.  By activating the auto-off function, you are able to override this and ensure the powermonkey extreme switches off once your device is fully charged.

To activate the auto-off function, turn on the powermonkey extreme by swiping your thumb across the friction control pad from left to right (ensuring the LCD screen is on the LEFT).  Then double tap the left hand side of the friction control pad.  The LCD screen should flash every 3 seconds to indicate that the auto-off function is enabled.

To disable the auto-off function, double tap the right hand side of the friction control pad.

How do I connect my Apple iPhone & iPad to the powermonkey extreme?

  • To connect an iPhone, use your white Apple sync/charge cable (that comes with the iPhone) and connect the USB end into the female USB port of the powermonkey extreme.  This is located under the cover on the right edge of the unit.  The LCD screen should be on your left when looking at the unit.


  • To connect an iPad, you will need your white Apple sync/charge cable.  Use this together with the gorilla-pad adaptor included with the powermonkey extreme and connect to the extreme battery unit.


How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy Tab to my powermonkey extreme?

To connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you will need your Samsung sync/charge cable and a Powertraveller Galaxy tab cable.

Firstly find the black DC OUT cable (number 6 on the powermonkey extreme instruction guide) - this cable will be in the tips pouch. It will have a round barrel connection and female USB connection and be approximately 14cms in length.

Connect the barrel end of this cable into the DC OUT port of the powermonkey extreme - this is located next to the USB port on the unit, under the cover on the right hand edge of the powermonkey extreme (the LCD display should be on your LEFT).
Then connect the Powertraveller galaxy tab cable into the female USB end of the DC OUT cable and finally your Samsung sync / charge cable into the end of the Powertraveller galaxy tab cable.

What do the symbols on the LCD screen mean?

The LCD screen on the powermonkey extreme has the following displays:

  • solid battery icon will flash when the extreme is low on power and needs to be recharged
  • the 7 ascending bars indicate the level of power left in the extreme

How do I know when the powermonkey extreme is fully charged?

During charging, the background colour of the LCD Screen will be RED.  Once the powermonkey extreme is fully charged the background of the LCD screen will be GREEN and ready to use.

During use, the background colour of the LCD screen will be BLUE.

Will the powermonkey extreme charge my netbook or laptop?

No.  The powermonkey extreme outputs 5 Volts.  Netbooks and laptops require a much higher output voltage.  If you are looking for a netbook charger, consider the minigorilla.  For a laptop, then powergorilla is the product you need.

Is there a way to check how much charge is left without turning the powermonkey extreme on?

Yes. To check how much charge you have left in the powermonkey extreme, tap the friction control pad once.  The LCD screen will turn on and will indicate the level of charge left.  The display will turn off after 7 seconds.

What is the difference between the powermonkey extreme and the powermonkey explorer?

The powermonkey extreme has a larger battery capacity and is also waterproof rather than just water resistant. The extreme solar panel has twice the power output of the explorer solar panel.  The powermonkey extreme also has a second power output port which is 5 volts at 2.1amps, allowing the extreme to charge tablets such as the Apple iPad and other 5v 2.1amp tablets.

How much charge should I expect the solar panel to give the powermonkey extreme in 6 to 8 hours of optimum sunlight?

In 6-8 hours good sunshine, you will get a third of a charge on the powermonkey extreme battery unit.

Is it possible to use a solarmonkey and the solar panel from the extreme together to charge a device?

Unfortunately the solar panels are not the same power output, so it would not be advisable to use them together with the solarmonkey y cable.

What is MPPT technology?

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracker.  It is a solar energy detection feature within the battery which allows the solar panel to charge your device efficiently even in low light conditions.

Is my powermonkey extreme compatible with the aquastrap?

Only powermonkey extreme models manufactured after July 2012 have the locking feature that make them compatible with the aquastrap.  

To check whether your powermonkey extreme is compatible, turn over the extreme battery unit and look for two small, rectangular sockets on either side. 

How long will the aquastrap keep the powermonkey extreme waterproof?

The aquastrap has an IP65 rating which is tested as standard for an hour.  We do not recommend using the aquastrap with the powermonkey extreme for any longer than this.

If I am not going to use my monkey or gorilla charger for a while, is it best to store it with a charge remaining?

Yes.  If you plan to store your gorilla or monkey portable charger for a long period of time without use, it should be stored with at least 60% charge remaining.  This helps keeps the internal battery in good condition.

Can I use the aquastrap when my powermonkey extreme is already wet?

Please ensure you only attach the aquastrap to a dry powermonkey extreme.  If the powermonkey extreme is already wet, the aquastrap may not secure properly.

When the powermonkey extreme battery only has 25% charge left and I connect it to the solar panel, the on/off switch will not work?

The extreme battery unit will take a 30% charge for itself before it will charge another device whilst it is attached to the solar panel or AC mains charger.

What is the operating temperature range for the powermonkey extreme and powermonkey explorer?

Both the powermonkey extreme and the powermonkey explorer will charge devices in temperatures of -20 to 60 degrees Centigrade.  You can charge the extreme and the explorer in temperatures on 0 - 45 degrees Centigrade.

Does the battery pack of the powermonkey extreme need to be turned on whilst you are charging the battery pack?

No, the battery pack should charge from the solar panel, regardless of whether the battery is turned on or off.  To show it is charging, a moving cursor will show on the LCD screen when the battery is switched on.  If the extreme battery pack is not turned on, the cursor will move around the LCD screen for a few seconds and then disappear, leaving just a red glow from the LCD (this can sometimes be hard to see in bright sunlight).

Where can I purchase additional powermonkey tips?

Please use our online tip selector to find the appropriate tip for your device. 

Click here for more FAQs
Made for iPod, iPhone & iPad