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Are you ready for the motormonkey? The smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world, motormonkey can charge most popular mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, iPods and more whilst you're on the move.

The revolutionary motormonkey in-car charger has self-sensing technology that can recognise when an Apple iPad has been connected and changes the power settings accordingly. Lightweight and compact as the original, the motormonkey provides a complete charging solution for most 5V devices.

The slim line design means that the motormonkey in-car charger is unobtrusive and you can leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter when you're not using it, without worrying about draining your car's battery. The motormonkey is designed to be permanently located in the car's socket, sitting passively until you need it. Only when your mobile or other electronic device is connected does the internal intelligent circuit activate the supply of power to the unit. When your device is fully charged, motormonkey will automatically shut down - ready for when you need it next.

You can also charge your 5V Powertraveller portable chargers such as the powermonkey range and the solarmonkey adventurer via the motormonkey.

The motormonkey in-car charger will fully support Apple iPods & iPhones via the motormonkey's USB socket by using your white sync / charge cable supplied with your Apple product.

Please Note:  The barrel of the motormonkey V3 will read "MM V2".  Please ignore this.

Works With

Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
iPhones/Smart Phones
Mobile Phone
PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
Head Torches

Will Also Work With

Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
Head Torches
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Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 4.3 x 2.4
Voltage: USB 5.5V 2A

Weight 40g
Dimensions 43 x 24mm
Output voltage USB 5.5V 2A
Input voltage 12V/24V

1 x motormonkey in-car charger


motormonkey reviewed on DigitalReviews.net
motormonkey reviewed on DigitalReviews.net

Using the motormonkey is a no-brainer.  The package is small enough to throw the entire kit into the glove box and have it available if someone else in the car needs a charge.

Goods things come in small package as the old adage goes, and it is certainly not wrong with the motormonkey.  Simple and brilliant.  It is the perfect item for people who are on the road often at a reasonable price.

With thanks to Powertraveller, we take a drive through the virtual jungle with the motormonkey.

motormonkey in Auto Express magazine
motormonkey in Auto Express magazine

If you carry a variety of electrical kit around with you in the car, having enough charging leads to power them all can make a mess of cables in the cabin.

That's why Powertraveller has launched the motormonkey, which comes with plenty of adaptors to keep all sorts of equipment working on the go.  The device has a sleek, stainless-steel finish and , cleverly, it can be left in the car's 12V socket permanently without draining the battery.  Only when the user's mobile, MP3 player or other electronic device is connected does it supply power.  When the gadget is fully charged, the motormonkey shuts down.  An LED indicates when it is in use.

The selection of adaptors covers the most popular makes of mobile phone including BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and LG.  There are also connectors for iPods and iPhones, plus USB and mini USB powered devices such as Sat Navs, and there's a DC adaptor for some digital cameras and Sony PSP games consoles.  The main cable is a retractable USB lead that can be tailored for length to keep the cabin neat and tidy.

motormonkey in Mini magazine
motormonkey in Mini magazine

Does your Mini have a 12V power socket fitted?  The motormonkey from Powertraveller is claimed to be the smallest and lightest in-car charger in the world, and comes with adaptors for the most popular makes of mobile phone along with connectors to suit iPod /iPhone, BlackBerry and Sony PSP.  The tiny stainless steel device sits impassively in the charger socket until it is needed and will not drain the battery.

motormonkey in Performance Car magazine!
motormonkey in Performance Car magazine!

Got sent a very clever little in-car charger this month.  Anybody who puts up with the puny battery lifeof an iPhone will know the pain of premature discharge.  And with all games and applications you can play with it, it can happen all too easily.  This little device is called the motormonkey, can be left in situ as it only activates when a device is plugged in and automatically shuts off when your device is fully charged.  As well as the standard USB slot, it comes with a variety of poular phone fitments for those of you who haven't seen the iPhone light.  And at about £20, it's well priced.  Get it from Powertraveller.com.

motormonkey in BMW Car magazine!
motormonkey in BMW Car magazine!

Monkey Magic!

Powertraveller has made a name for itself thanks to its mobile power solutions and its latest gizmo, the motormonkey, looks like its best yet.  It is billed as the smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world and it certainly looks it.  Made from stainless steel, it comes with adaptors for the most popular makes of mobile phone along with connectors for the iPod and iPhone, BlackBerry and Sony PSP, with other adaptors also available.

The motormonkey fits flush in your 12V power socket and can be left plugged in, without it draining your battery - only when you connect something does the charger activate and once your device is fully charged, the motormonkey automatically shuts down.  It's a brilliant bit of kit and a bit of a bargain to boot.

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I need an in car-charger for my powermonkey. What do you recommend?

Buy one of our fantastic motormonkeys!  You can charge your powermonkey using the retractable USB cable that comes with both the powermonkey and motormonkey kits.

Does the white apple sync cable come with the motormonkey?

No, this is for demonstration purposes only and is not included with the motormonkey.

My motormonkey will not work in my car?

Please check the following:
• The Motormonkey is firmly inserted into your 12v socket
• Your lighter socket is live. Do any other devices work from it? Is the Fuse OK
• Please check that you have a compatible device connected and ready to charge.  The Red LED will only turn ON when charging commences
• Ensure that there is not a build up of ash, dust or other contaminates and that the metal contacts are clean. You can clean these with a cotton bud and some white spirit - always ensure the socket is off before attempting to clean and never stick a metal object such as a screwdriver inside to clean the contacts as this could short the socket and blow the fuse.
• Please try in an alternate car if the Motormonkey still appears not to work

Will my motormonkey recharge my powermonkey?

Yes, please connect the retractable USB cable to your motormonkey and insert the other end directly into the charge socket of your powermonkey

Can I charge my laptop from my motormonkey?

No, the motormonkey is only suitable for 5v devices such as Mobile phone, iPods, Mp3 players, GPS and Sat Navs, Handheld games consoles etc

Can the motormonkey be used in my truck or lorry which has a 24v socket?

Yes - the Motormonkey can be used in both 12v and 24v sockets

Do I need to remove the motormonkey from the cigarette lighter socket when its not in use?

No, the motormonkey will draw no power from your vehicles battery unless a device is plugged in and requires charge. Once your device is fully charged, the motormonkey will become passive again. The motormonkey is designed to sit almost flush in your cigarette lighter socket so you can leave it in-situ and close the coverflap if your car has one.

What are the benefits of the motormonkey over other cheaper alternatives?

The motormonkey is universal. If you change your phone you do not have to purchase a new charger, making it beneficial to the environment too. The motormonkey also has many safety features to protect your phone and your car battery. It is the smallest, lightest in car charger in the world.

Will the motormonkey work with the Sony Aspen mobile phone?

There is a resistor bridge in motormonkey to support the Apple iPhone. This resistor bridge does not support the SONY Aspen mobile phone so use our female USB tip and the SONY supplied cable to charge your SONY Aspen mobile phone.

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Made for iPod, iPhone & iPad