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powergorilla transformer for AC mains adaptor

Transformers....Robots in Disguise...

Well, not really but if you've lost the 16V transformer part of your powergorilla mains charger then purchase one here.

Choc-full of safety certification, this 16v transformer will ensure you've always got juice in your powergorilla.

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powergorilla, minigorilla and extreme 80cm connection cable

Misplaced your powergorilla or minigorilla connection cable?  This is the same cable that is supplied as standard in the powergorilla kit.

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powermonkey explorer Y cable

Charge your powermonkey explorer battery unit even faster by using this cable to attach two explorer solar panels to the battery unit.

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powermonkey extreme/discovery and solar adventurer 90cm USB cable

90cm non-retractable USB cable for use with the powermonkey extreme, powermonkey discovery or the solarmonkey adventurer.

Use this cable to connect the solar panel to the extreme / discovery /adventurer battery unit, or to connect the battery unit to your 5v device (via appropriate monkeynut).

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Powertraveller Baseball Cap

Be a right bobby dazzler and keep the sun off at the same time!

Graphite grey 5-panel baseball cap with Powertraveller branding to front and one side.  Rip-strip size adjuster at back and sponge cleanable.

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Powertraveller rechargeable AA batteries

A set of powerful, rechargeable AA batteries you can use again and again!

Taking only 5 hours to recharge from USB, these batteries have a 10 year shelf life - and will still have 75% capacity remaining after 6 months.

They can be recharged 1000 times - so plenty of power to be had from them! Use them in digital cameras, walkmans, shavers, toothbrushes, toys, PDAs, and much, much more!

Powertraveller batteries are made from Ni-MH and have no mercury or cadmium content.

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solargorilla 2 metre DC connection cable

Now you can leave your solargorilla outside your tent in the sun, whilst your powergorilla is inside being charged via this handy extension cable.  Supplied as standard with the solargorilla kit.

This handy 2 metre cable allows you to place your solargorilla futher away from the device you are charging - so you can make the most of the sun!

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solargorilla and powergorilla Y cable

With this handy Y cable you can connect either two solargorilla panels to one powergorilla or two powergorillas to one device to allow for quicker charging

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solargorilla and solarmonkey range Velcro strap

Attach your solarmonkey or solargorilla to your rucksack / backpack or tent with this handy Velcro strap. 

Suitable for use with Powertraveller solar panels only.

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solargorilla protective neoprene storage case

Keep your solargorilla safe with this handy neoprene travel case.  Made from durable materials and handy mesh storage space for your solargorilla's cables.

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