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micro USB to USB connection cable for powermonkey discovery / powerchimp4A

USB to micro USB connection / charging cable for use with the powermonkey discovery and powerchimp4A.

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mini USB monkeytail

A tough, flexible, tangle-free cable which will allow you to connect, charge or sync your mini USB devices via USB.

The mini USN monkeytail is 15cm in length and made from high-grade quality materials to ensure it is robust.

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mobile and laptop tip pack for solargorilla

Supplied as standard with the solargorilla.

All the tips you need to connect your solarorilla to your laptop or mobile device.

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mobile phone tip pack for powermonkey

Supplied as standard with the powermonkey classic. Can be used as 5V mobile device tips with the complete Powertraveller portable charger range.

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Monkey Nuts


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powergorilla neoprene case

Handy neoprene zip storage case for powergorilla.  Features mesh pockets for your most popular cables and protects the powergorilla from scratches, etc.

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powergorilla plug head UK

Mis-placed your powergorilla's UK plug head?

Get yourself another right here!

(Interchangeable adaptor head and transformer NOT included.)

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powergorilla, minigorilla and extreme 80cm connection cable

Misplaced your powergorilla or minigorilla connection cable?  This is the same cable that is supplied as standard in the powergorilla kit.

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powermonkey explorer 2 waterproof connector - female and male micro USB

Bath plug style waterproof connector cable for the powermonkey explorer 2 portable charger.  Cable splits to both female and male micro USB connectors.

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powermonkey explorer Y cable

Charge your powermonkey explorer battery unit even faster by using this cable to attach two explorer solar panels to the battery unit.

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