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USB to USB-C cable 1m

Charge your USB-C devices via USB using our very own USB to USB-C charging cable.

Made from high quality materials, this braided cable is 1 metre in length and utilises USB-C 2.0 technology, enabling faster charging of your devices than regular USB.

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micro USB and lightning connector sync & charge cable

This useful cable allows you to sync and charge both Apple devices with a lightning connector and devices requiring a micro USB connection.  15cm in length and made from durable materials, useful in any kit bag,

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Micro USB to Lightning Adaptor

If you have a Micro USB cable and need to charge your Apple device requiring the 8-pin Lightning connector such as an iPhone 5/5S or iPad mini, use this handy convertor and YOU CAN.

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powermonkey explorer 2 mini USB waterproof plug cable

Got a powermonkey explorer 2?


Use this 65cm waterproof connector cable to charge GoPro cameras, Garmin GPS and more 5V devices requiring a mini USB connection.  With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 67, the "bath-plug" style seal ensures all connections from your device to the explorer 2 remain waterproof.

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Proudly introducing the aquastrap for the powermonkey extreme.  If you're an outdoor enthusiast come rain or shine, you won't want to be without this!  Cleverly designed using feedback from real power users in the field, the aquastrap ensures your powermonkey extreme battery remains watertight whilst it charges your devices.

This product is rated waterproof to IP65 which means that it is dust-tight and can withstand water splashes equivalent to water projected from a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction, keeping your powermonkey extreme battery watertight.

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Bike Mount for powermonkey explorer 2

This fully adjustable strap allows you to securely attach your powermonkey explorer 2 portable charger to your bicycle, tent poles, canoes and more, so that you can charge 5V devices whilst you're on the move.

Made from tough, weatherproof materials, the bike mount slides neatly onto the powermonkey explorer 2 unit and allows easy access to the On / Off button and the LCD screen, whilst the Velcro strap can be adjusted according to the required size.

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USB LED Portable Light

Compact and lightweight, the useful LED portable light plugs directly into any USB socket to provide bright illumination whenever you need it.

Either use it from your desktop / laptop computer, a USB AC mains plug or power it via our very own range of portable chargers.

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12V female car charger socket

Want to connect your Macbook to our solargorilla?

Get this handy car charger socket and you can use it to connect the solargorilla to your Macbook via the Apple MagSafe airline adaptor cable.  Alternatively, use your in-car charger for SLR cameras or any other device via this socket with the gorilla range.

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AAA adaptors for powerchimp

These great little adaptors will convert your AAA batteries into AA size so you can pop them straight into your powerchimp to charge - genius!

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AC mains charger for powergorilla

Need another mains charger for your powergorilla? 

This is the same 19V universal AC laptop charger that is supplied with the retail-boxed powergorilla portable charger.

It works in over 150 countries around the world, so now you have no excuse for not being able to charge your powergorilla!

N.B.  This product does not come in retail packaging.

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