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In The Press

Sun 19, Nov 2006

Sunday Telegraph - Nov 2006

Did you see the fantastic review of our website in The Sunday Telegraph 19th Nov?

Showcasing 5 of our best selling items, the Telegraph gives a summary of the products, web design and ease of use.

"Full marks for stocking the most up-to-the-minute gadgets for leisure and business travellers at competitive prices. The website is as slick as the products, with clear images, easy-to-understand product descriptions and an intuitive payment and delivery process."

Mon 6, Nov 2006

Happy - Nov 06

The nice people at Happy magazine showcased our lovely little powermonkey in a feature they ran about Hot Desking and kitting your desk out with must-have work gadgets...

"Show them that you mean business with a work station that's as slick as your wardrobe"

Wed 1, Nov 2006

GQ Magazine - Nov 2006


Solar chargers: need sun. Battery-driven chargers: too heavy. Wind-up chargers: clue's in the name. The charger you juice up with electricity, leave to one side for months and run all your kit from it? That's what this is. Three hours charge gave us over 39 hours of iPod power and seemingly endless time with a camera (the makers say 1600 snaps).

We haven't tested its claim of holding power for a year, but there's one in GQ's travel kit ready for the challenge.

Wed 1, Nov 2006

Conde Nast Traveller - Nov 06

Move and Groove: Soundtraveller.

Tired of hearing your favourite holiday tunes through headphones? This sleek, stylish micro-speaker delivers 12 hours of continuous playback from just one battery and is compatible with iPods, other MP3 players, PDAs and more.

Wed 1, Nov 2006

Stuff - Nov 2006

People say we're monkeying around but we're too busy charging...

Running out of mobile phone power is like losing your right arm. Running out of jukebox power is like losing the better part of your face. If your Blackberry dies....well, you get the picture.

powermonkey promises to keep your body intact by providing enough portable power and suitable adaptors to breathe life into your mains-charging gadgets. It'll allow your camera to take another 1600 photos, your iPod to play another 40 hours of tunes. And it's only the size of two taped-up, dismembered thumbs.