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In The Press

Mon 1, Jan 2007

Outdoor Enthusiastic - Jan 07

This speaker unit is small enough to fit in your pocket, will deliver 3 watts of music power all from one AA battery and will keep playing for up to 12 hours continually. Its size and weight makes it ideal to pack away on any adventure so you're never without your tunes.

It features an on/off switch and an adjustable volume control and the 5-volt mains-in socket allows you to power the unit from the mains. The Soundtraveller will work with any iPods with a dock connector but also has the added benefit of having an audio-in socket, so you can use it with other MP3 players, PDAs, PSPs or similar. It has a sleek metal front and rear and is complimented by a soft silicon skin, which wraps around the speaker unit. It's also the first portable speaker unit to be available in a variety of colours.

Mon 1, Jan 2007

Golf World Magazine - Jan 2007

Calling all keen golfers....

With Tiger Woods on the front cover, we knew our little powerMonkey had a lot to live up to when we sent it for review to Golf World magazine. But, as usual, our little guy held his own and the reviewer was hooked!

"Some inventions are brilliantly simple - powerMonkey is one"

Tiger, if you're reading this, get yourself a powerMonkey and get back out there!

Fri 1, Dec 2006

BBC Music - Dec 06

Kinder on the wallet - and slightly more portable - is the K3000 Soundtraveller, a cute little speaker to plug your MP3 player into. If you've got a new iPod, it can dock straight into the top.

If, however, you want to plug in your CD Walkman, then leads provided with the kit let you do exactly that. It's an ingenious solution for the business traveller / music-starved holiday maker.

Fri 1, Dec 2006

Saga Magazine - Dec 06

Ask the grandchild...

One of the curses of modern life is an electronic gizmo with a flat battery and no means of charging it. No longer.

The portable powermonkey will give your phone, camera or MP3 player hours of back-up power when you can't find a wall socket.

Fri 1, Dec 2006

The Telegraph - Dec 06

The powermonkey is indispensable; simply charge it by the mains, unplug it and carry it with you on your travels. Then, when your phone, iPod or PSP runs out of juice, plug it into the powermonkey - it can provide up to 96 hours of standby power on your phone with a single charge.