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Fri 1, Jun 2007

Professional Builder - June 07

powermonkey is an emergency charger that once charged from the mains, can sit in a draw, pocket or bag until that next emergency, and it will hold its charge for up to a year.

A fully charged powermonkey can provide up to 96 hours standby on your mobile phone, 40 hours on your iPod, 6 hours on your Sony PSP, two full charges on your PDA plus it's original charge and up to 1600 pictures on your digital camera.

Sun 1, Apr 2007

Diver - April 07

You can harness the reusable reservoir of power in this all-round emergency charger to recharge your mobile phone, iPod / MP3 player, Bluetooth headset, digital camera and the like, via a USB connector.

Each kit comes with a range of connections both for mains supply and for power downloads, amd costs £35. It could be very useful when you're far from home or at to sea.

Thu 1, Feb 2007

Dark Summer - Feb 07

The audio quality from this pocket-sized soundtraveller is surprisingly good and it packs a respectable 3 watts of music power. A single AA battery powes the unit for up to 12 hours. Alternatively, plug it into the mains or or your computer's USB point - music on the go without taking up loads of space in your bag.

Thu 1, Feb 2007

T3 Magazine - Feb 07

A dead iPod battery, like syphillis, is something you want to avoid. This brilliantly-named silver travel charger will give your precious 'Pod a shot of juice when it needs it most - up to 40 hours-worth in fact.

Thu 1, Feb 2007

Computer Shopper - Feb 2007

Winning 5 out of 5 in December's issue of Computer Shopper, the powerMonkey was awarded a "Best Buy" stamp of approval!

"The powerMonkey is an indispensable tool for the frequent traveller"

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