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Mon 6, Jul 2009

solargorilla solar charger reviewed at Absolute Gadget

Solar cells have been around for a long time, but they have been out of reach of many due to the cost.  Powertraveller has brought out a new solar charger not only capable of charging up your mobile phone or iPhone, but also your laptop as well.

The solargorilla bears no resemblance to any primate we've ever seen, but despite the strange title, it manages to deliver juice to your electronic gadget as long as it's a reasonably sunny day.

It is about the size as an A4 piece of paper when folded and comes with enough adaptors to recharge just about anything you connect to it.  The only thing is appears to need extra accessories for is a MacBook.  Powertraveller recommends that you also buy an Apple MagSafe airline adaptor and one of their universal car charger sockets.

While earlier in the year, the solargorilla may not be a great option of recharging a phone, over the last couple of weeks, the intense sunshine we've had in the UK has meant that charging was a viable alternative to using fossil fuels.

In tests it managed to charge our Nokia 6300 from flat in a few hours.  Our Sony-Ericsson W910i initially refused to play ball but ten minutes suddenly vibrated and appeared to charge up normally.  If you want to charge up an iPod a separate tip (also known as a monkeynut), is required but still won't charge up iPods with firewire connectors.

The unit itself looks rugged and scratchproof and the hinge appears robust enough with the ability to easily attach it to the side of a tent (handy when you want to recharge at Glastonbury).  It also comes with a neoprene case.

For £140, the solargorilla will be worth getting if you intend to spend a lot of the summer at festivals or outdoor camping, where electrically is naturally hard to come by.

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Thu 4, Jun 2009

iGizmo recommend solargorilla!

Another joy of sustainable products is, in this case, that the sun acts as a power point, giving you juice whenever the clouds are at bay.

Mon 20, Apr 2009

powergorilla and solargorilla in Active magazine

Mobile phones, laptops, games and portable dvds all have one thing in common - they all run out of power at the wrong time, writes Graeme Gourlay.  But with a powergorilla, you can keep your children happy and perserve your sanity. 

Just plug it in and you can keep your laptop going for another couple of hours, and phones and small things for ages.  Add the solargorilla and you can keep connected anywhere - well, as long as the sun is shining.  Perfect for the beach or campsite. 

It is extremely easy to use, comes with a stack of adaptors and is fairly robust, with rubber protection strips on its aluminium case.  It only weighs 631g.  The British design is slick and well thought through.  The safety features, such as automatically switching off if it over-heats, and voltage limitations to stop you burning out low voltage products, are reassuring.

I've been travelling with its little brother, the powermonkey, for more than a year to give my mobile phone an often needed energy boost and I've lost count of the number of times I wished for the same resource for my laptop.  Now it's arrived, the only problem is fighting off my children, who want to keep their game consoles going.  No solution is perfect!

Wed 4, Feb 2009

solargorilla in T3 magazine

Solar chargers tend to be great in theory but less-than-perfect in practice.  Not the solargorilla.  With 20 volts of power this will comfortably charge your laptop, or any other gadget under 5 volts, anywhere you can catch some rays.  It comes with a comprehensive set of 19 connectors.

Mon 2, Feb 2009

powergorilla & solargorilla in Stuff magazine

Most solar chargers just ain't powerful enough for your laptop.  However, this battery and solar panel combo will charge virtually any brand of laptop and simultaneously juice up your phone, Nintendo DS and more.