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Mon 1, Dec 2008

powergorilla in MacFormat magazine!

"Much has been made of the MacBook Air's completely sealed case, meaning you can't simply pop in a new battery when you're out of juice and on the road.

The powergorilla offers a solution - it's a tough and portable laptop battery charger.  Once you've charged it up you can get pretty much a full charge on your MacBook Air out of it.  There's also a USB port tha enables you to to charge your iPod and iPhone (we tested it with a variety of iPods, and they all charged happily).

Annoyingly, while it comes with all sorts of leads in the box, for every type of laptop and PC under the sun, it doesn't come with Apple's MagSafe adaptor.  To get it to work with your MacBook Air you need to buy Apple's MagSafe Airline adaptor and plug that into the car charger adaptor that comes in the box.  It's a convoluted process, but it does work.  The powergorilla also charges the MacBook Pro.

Verdict: Great for charging the MacBook Air or your iPhone in an emergency"

Fri 7, Nov 2008

powergorilla in The Telegraph magazine

"Powertraveller makes a brilliant range of solar-powered chargers that can kick-start everything from mobile phones to iPods when the battery runs flat.  But what if you need to recharge something bigger than a BlackBerry - say, your laptop?  Step forward the powergorilla, a paperback-sized charging unit that you can hook up to your computer to get a bit of extra typing time.  It comes with a selection of connectors so that you can also use the device to power up your phone or MP3 player.

Power: charge powergorilla using mains electricity, or a solar charging unit (sold separately).  Charge: fully charged in two to three hours, can power a laptop for two to six hours."

Wed 5, Nov 2008

powergorilla online at computeractive.co.uk

"With a name as good as the Powergorilla users would expect nothing more than a monster performance, and the Gorilla does deliver.

There are not many portable devices on the market that can power a user’s laptop on the move with any great effect, but this not only does that, but it can also power a mobile phone, iPod or a handheld games console at the same time.

The device comes with its own A/C adaptor which works in over 150 countries, with interchangeable heads for the UK, US/Japan/China, Australia and Europe – meaning it really is a handy tool for the mobile executive.

As expected with a device of this kind it is not exactly the most sexy looking object, but it does what it says on the tin. It can give an extra two to five hours of power to the average notebook and around 20 hours of power to other devices.
Not only that but if the charger feels it is getting too hot through over use or heat exposure it will simply shut itself off.

We tested the Powergorilla while on a business trip and it really did power four devices at once, which saves having to bulk up luggage with all the different plugs and adapters usually needed when working on the move.

The device comes with a handy protective case and is also ruggedised with rubber strips, so it can take some knocks.

Our only complaint would be the weight of the device – at 660g it is not ultra heavy, but the weight soon adds up when combined with the laptop, laptop bag and all the other paraphernalia that the average business traveller carts around.

Great portable power device for the business traveller with the added bonus of being able to charge other portable devices"


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Wed 5, Nov 2008

powergorilla gets 5 stars from Computer Shopper

"This 631g A5-sized battery pack is designed to recharge your laptop on the move.  A series of power 'tips' are compatible with most laptop brands, but check the website to see if yours is supported.  There's also a USB port and tip pack for charging other devices.

A button lets you select 5V, 16V, 19V and 24V output voltages.  The voltage affects the mAh rating of the battery and therefore the extra battery life your laptop can get from it.  Running at 16V on a Sony VAIO VGN-G11VN, we managed to double the battery life from seven hours and five minutes to 14 hours and 14 minutes.  If you need extra battery life on your laptop, this is an easy way to provide it."

Tue 28, Oct 2008

Macworld reviews the powergorilla

"The MacBook Air is one of Apple's more contentious products, and a lot of criticism has been levelled at Apple's decision to include a fixed internal battery, which can be a problem for power users.

Of course, with an average charge of four to five hours it's hardly a problem for day-to-day use, but for business travellers – especially those on long-haul flights – being unable to extend the power supply can be a deal-breaker. Powertraveller hopes to provide a solution to this problem with the Powergorilla, a portable charger.

We've been waiting for a solution to the MacBook Air’s battery issue since its release, and the idea of an external battery is a good one that's failed to materialise – mainly because Apple refuses to license out the MagSafe connector used on its MacBooks.

Of course, the Powergorilla charges up far more than just the MacBook Air. Indeed, the device comes with 27 adaptors to connect it to everything from mobile phones to game consoles and, of course, iPods. It also sports a built-in USB socket, so it really can charge up just about any device.

A small LED screen on the front shows the current level of charge and a single button lets you choose the Output voltage from 16, 19 and 24 volts. According to the manufacturer, the Powergorilla has a range of protection features, including voltage limitation, current limitation, short circuit protection, anti-discharge, overcharge and overheat protection. It can also be charged internationally and comes with a range of adaptors for the external power supply.

Measuring 215 x 113 x 17mm and weighing in at 636g, the Powergorilla isn't a pocket solution, but it's not an unreasonable addition to any laptop case. While it isn't the prettiest device, Powertraveller has included a nice neoprene case complete with inside pockets for any adaptors.

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