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Wed 22, Apr 2009

motormonkey in iCreate magazine

If draining devices drive you crazy while you're on the move, meet the small and perfectly formed motormonkey.

The fact the you can just place the charger in your cigarette lighter socket and leave it is a big plus.

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Mon 20, Apr 2009

powergorilla and solargorilla in Active magazine

Mobile phones, laptops, games and portable dvds all have one thing in common - they all run out of power at the wrong time, writes Graeme Gourlay.  But with a powergorilla, you can keep your children happy and perserve your sanity. 

Just plug it in and you can keep your laptop going for another couple of hours, and phones and small things for ages.  Add the solargorilla and you can keep connected anywhere - well, as long as the sun is shining.  Perfect for the beach or campsite. 

It is extremely easy to use, comes with a stack of adaptors and is fairly robust, with rubber protection strips on its aluminium case.  It only weighs 631g.  The British design is slick and well thought through.  The safety features, such as automatically switching off if it over-heats, and voltage limitations to stop you burning out low voltage products, are reassuring.

I've been travelling with its little brother, the powermonkey, for more than a year to give my mobile phone an often needed energy boost and I've lost count of the number of times I wished for the same resource for my laptop.  Now it's arrived, the only problem is fighting off my children, who want to keep their game consoles going.  No solution is perfect!

Wed 15, Apr 2009

motormonkey in the FT: How to spend it - technopolis

The cigar lighter has to be the most useless and anachronistic device in a car.  When was the last time anyone anywhere in the world used it  to light a cigar?  It does have its uses as an in-car 12v power plug, but the standard cigar lighter fitting is always so wobbly and manky.  But now along comes one of my favourite Britsih gadgeteers, Powertraveller, run by former Commando Jerry Ranger, with this boring-looking but brilliant little device - a cigar-lighter-shaped insert that permanently converts it to a USB power outlet.  With the motormonkey, you can charge phones, iPods, PSPs and most other portable gadgets as you drive.  It only activates when something is plugged into it and the engine is on, so there is no danger of draining the car battery, and it shuts down when your device is fully charged.  It also comes with a box of cables and adaptors to suit most eventualities.

Fri 13, Mar 2009

powermonkey explorer in Saturday Times Magazine

See the powermonkey-eXplorer beat off the competition in the Saturday Times Magazine!

Mon 16, Feb 2009

powergorilla in The Times Magazine

5 reasons why we love... powergorilla emergency charger

1. Its something you don't know you'll need till you need it
2. It will charge up anything, from your laptop to your mobile phone to portable DVD player...
3... or all of them at once
4. A full charge will power a laptop for up to five hours
5. A raft of adaptors means you can use it anywhere