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Thu 21, Nov 2013

Outdoor Hunting New Zealand

New Zealand's Outdoor Hunting magazine takes an extensive look at our minigorilla and solargorilla portable chargers, as well as the powerchimp4A.

"They are reliable and all perform very well.  Being a lightweight product, they have an attractive appeal to users of the Wilderness."

Tue 9, Nov 2010

solargorilla in Stuff magazine South Africa

Stuff magazine SA "goes ape" for Powertraveller solargorilla!

"Ever wondered why those solar chargers can juice your phone and iPod but not your laptop?  Smaller than an A4 page and less than an inch thick, this rugged, lightweight package looks like something out of Starship Troopers, but it flaps open with enough solar panel surface to produce the 19volts your laptop craves.  Comes with a dozen plugs to fit most notebooks and netbooks, and separate USB power out for your smaller (5volt) gadgets."

Mon 10, Aug 2009

More Glory for Powertraveller

Powertraveller, the Alton-based manufacturer of portable power devices for mobiles, iPods and laptops has scooped an overseas award.

It picked up the award in the accessories category at the OutDoor Show in Friedrichschafen, Germany, for its solarpanel charger for laptops, the solargorilla.

The OutDoor Show is the world's leading trade fair for the outdoor market and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over world. "The competition reflects the high level of outstanding innovation in this industry," said Stefan Reisinger, project manager of the OutDoor Show, who presented Powertraveller chief executive Jerry Ranger with the award.

"We had a fantastic time in Germany. The response we had to our products was unbelievable and the quality of new business leads we brought back were second to none" said Jerry.

"To also come back to Alton with the outdoor industry's most prestigious product award three months after winning The Queen's Award for Enterprise is just incredible."

Designed as a charging solution for the powergorilla - Powertraveller's laptop product - the solargorilla is also capable of working independently and will power and charge laptops under 40 watts as well as mobile phones, iPods and handheld games consoles.

*Story courtesy of The Herald Group, Tindle News

Mon 10, Aug 2009

solargorilla reviewed in Personal Computer World

Packing for holidays isn't as easy as it used to be. As well as a passport, sun cream and clothes, many of us want to take a mobile phone - and that means taking a charger, and probably a foreign plug adapter to make it work. If you have an MP3 player, that'll need a charger too. Oh, and if you're travelling for work you'll need a laptop and its charger. Pretty soon the bottom of your suitcase can end up filled with a spaghetti-like mess of power adapters and wires.

One neat solution is the Solargorilla: a foldable solar panel that can be used to charge all kinds of electronic products. Its two panels are fitted into a plastic case that measures around 27x20x2cm when folded shut, and feels impressively rugged - we would have no concerns about chucking it into a rucksack.

The Solargorilla has two sockets. One is designed to charge laptops, and there's a USB socket for charging smaller devices. A selection of power adapters is supplied in the box, and others can be ordered from the company for a few pounds each.

The only problem we found with the Solargorilla was finding enough sunlight in the UK. Small devices such as a Nokia mobile phone and Nintendo DS games console charged easily, but even on a brilliantly sunny day we couldn't quite get enough power to properly charge our Medion laptop. If you're heading somewhere really sunny, of course, this shouldn't be a problem.

Alternatively the company sells a rechargeable power pack, the Powergorilla, that can be charged from the solar panels and then used itself to deliver a steady charge to a laptop.

All in all, the Solargorilla won't be ideal for everyone: it's fairly expensive, and to charge a laptop directly you'll need very bright sunlight. If you're travelling somewhere hot and off the beaten track, though, it could prove invaluable.

Tue 4, Aug 2009

minigorilla and solargorilla in Stuff mag, Sept 09

Keep yourself safe from battery meltdown with the minigorilla, an intelligent battery pack potent anough to charge anything up to netbook size.  Add the equally compact and ruggedised solargorilla, and you need never pay to charge your kit up again!