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In The Press

Thu 21, Nov 2013

Outdoor Hunting New Zealand

New Zealand's Outdoor Hunting magazine takes an extensive look at our minigorilla and solargorilla portable chargers, as well as the powerchimp4A.

"They are reliable and all perform very well.  Being a lightweight product, they have an attractive appeal to users of the Wilderness."

Thu 30, May 2013

IT Enquirer reviews powerchimp 4A

Review site IT Enquirer takes a look at the new powerchimp 4A and likes what they see!

"In short, the Powerchimp A4 is an eco-friendly charging device that can also do double duty as a charger itself. You can charge AA and AAA batteries simultaneously, in whatever configuration you like - one AA, three AAAs, two by two, etc. Charging time isn't as fast as some chargers, but that's mainly because the Powerchimp A4 doesn't force-charge, which is better for your batteries."

Sun 28, Apr 2013

Sunday Times Travel magazine features powerchimp 4A

The Sunday Times Travel magazine takes a quick look at the powerchimp 4A battery charger in the Good Gear Guide.