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Wed 15, Dec 2010

Black Rhino Conservation

Location: South AfricaUpdate - December 2010Rhino poaching has hit an all-time high.  In September this year, 210 rhino deaths were recorded in South Africa, already 70 more than were recorded in the whole of 2009.  Crisis point has been reached for this endangered animal.A lack of funding, skills and equipment have been blamed for the poor policing of the national parks and a call for younger, more active staff and tougher penalties for poachers has been made.  The DSWF monitoring team in South Africa are desperate to save the b...

Wed 1, Dec 2010

Gir Lion project

Location: Gujarat State, NW INDIADSWF has recently set up a lifeline to help save the little known but critically endangered Asiatic lion.  Working with the Wildlife Trust of India, DSWF is supporting the forest guards in the Gujarat forest department in their work to protect the last surviving Asiatic lions within the Gir National Park.It is estimated that there are about 359 Asiatic lions (panthera leo persica) left in the state of Gujarat - were the last preserve of this critically endangered big cat.  Until very recently it was be...

Tue 20, Apr 2010

Painted Dog Conservation Project - Zimbabwe

Location: ZimbabweDSWF support: Since 1995 DSWF has been funding conservation, education and anti-poaching projects in and around the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe to protect the critically endangered African painted dog and other threatened wildlife in the region.Update  - December 2010Until recently, Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) had been firmly against breeding from its Rehabilitation Facility Dogs.  However, a number of concerns about the genetic diversity of the wild populations and the viability of the pack-size dogs release...

Wed 7, May 2008

Bokor National Park Project

Following the highly successful Khao Yai Project in Thailand, which was funded by DSWF grants totalling £78,000, DSWF now supports a similar project in Cambodia's Bokor National Park, managed by WildAid (Bangkok).Despite years of war in the 'Killing Fields' of Cambodia, the country still holds some of the most extensive and non-fragmented stretches of forest in Asia, providing vital habitat for remaining populations of ma...