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Mon 23, Jul 2012

Protecting the world's last snow leopards

After a month of intensive searching, an international research team from the DSWF has located the den sites of two female snow leopards and captured astonishing videos of a young cub resting inside a den with its mother.The research team, co-managed by the Snow Leopard Trust and Panthera, and supported by three UK organizations-BBC Wildlife Fund, Whitley Fund for Nature, and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation -has been tracking snow leopards in Mongolia's South Gobi desert since 2008 using GPS radio collars. In May, two of the study's females...

Thu 16, Dec 2010

Elephant Orphanage Project - Zambia

Update  - December 2010In October 2010 Founder of DSWF, David Shepherd CBE, visited Zambia on an awareness and fundraising trip and met the latest editions of the elephant orphanage.Rufunsa, the smallest of the orphans, has a true story of survival to tell.  His mother was shot in front of him as she struggled in the muddy banks of the Zambezi river.  Terrified, the little elephant tried to escape, suffering machete wounds from his assailants as he hurled himself into the crocodile infested waters of the river and swum to safety....

Thu 16, Dec 2010

Siberian Tiger Project - Russian

Update  - December 2010In response to the 2009 survey that estimated a 40% decrease in Amur tiger numbers due to poaching and habitat destruction, our anti-poaching teams have been strengthening their efforts in the Udege Legend National Park to help protect the highly endangered big cat.DSWF has funded vital field expenditure, fuel, spares and vehicle repair parts and field clothes for the anit-poaching teams and, most significantly, two all-terrain motorcycles, a more practical and environmentally friendly solution than quad bikes for...

Thu 16, Dec 2010

Illegal trade investigations and Rhino & Tiger Projects in Assam

    Update - December 2010With tigers on the brink of extinction a study funded by DSWF and carried out by Assamese NGO, The Aaranyak Society, has shown that Kaziranga National Park in Assam has the highest density of wild tigers in the world making the protection of the park critical to the survival of the species. Carried out using camera traps, the study showed a density of 32 tigers per 100km².  It also showed that 39 individual tigers, including a one-year-old cub, inhabit the camera-trapped area - which...

Wed 15, Dec 2010

International Snow Leopard Trust - Mongolia

Update - December 2010In March 2010, the team were tracking five snow leopards using GPS radio collars, all of them straping males. Then, in April, they collared another male.  While it was a great achievement to be tracking six male snow leopards, the team were starting to get a little worried that their researcher, Orjan Johannson, might never 'find a girl' - a female snow leopard who could shed some light on how males and femails interact.But, on May 16, Orjan finally got his girl, collaring a 24Kg female that he nicknamed Zara - which...