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Opening of new Elephant Nursery in Zambia

The new Elephant Nursery at Lilayi , near Lusaka has been officially opened by David Shepherd and His Honour , the Vice President of Zambia, Dr Guy Scott.

Initiated in August 2011, when a young elephant was too sick to be moved to the remote location of the Release Facility in Kafue National Park, the nursery provides easier access to vets and medical supplies and is now home to five orphans. It was built with funding support from DSWF and LaFarge ,Zambia.

Circular in design, it is capable of housing eleven young elephants and has a raised inner deck where the keepers can maintain a watchful eye over their babies as they sleep. A four metre high viewing deck that overlooks a mud hole which provides safe viewing opportunities for visitors.

"It was a hugely memorable visit," says David Shepherd. "Seeing the Nursery become a reality is so wonderful. We certainly couldn't have done it without all our fabulous DSWF supporters."

Share the mud hole with the babies in our latest video from the project.