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Fri 20, Feb 2015

WILDLEO brings poachers to justice in Uganda

The DSWF supported WILDLEO project which launched in Murchison Falls, Uganda last year is proving invaluable in bringing poachers to justice. The project enables a ranger carrying a geolocation camera - a camera with integrated GPS - to record patrols, taking pictures of evidence of poacher activity with every picture mapped with time and date. With the evidence gathered and dated, literally putting the poachers at the scene of the crime, there has been an amazing increase in prosecution rates to over 90 per cent.  It is also helping wa...

Fri 20, Feb 2015

Mphamvu is finding his place in the herd

In October 2014, Mphamvu was discovered alone, weak and dehydrated just 15km from the DSWF-supported, Kafue Release Facility and was promptly rescued.  Despite initial nerves, the months since 2 ½ year old Mphamvu’s rescue have seen him live up to his name which means strong in the local language. Coping extremely well with the trauma of losing his family and recovering well from his early poor condition, he has also slowly become part of the herd.  A gradual introduction programme was planned since Mphamvu seemed n...

Fri 20, Feb 2015

Birmingham goes wild

2015 has started extremely well for one lucky painted dog at the DSWF-supported painted dog project in Zimbabwe .  Birmingham, a wild painted dog from the MakwaPack, had to be captured by the team on Christmas Eve last year because he was struggling to keep up with the pack.  Unable to put pressure on his left leg due to a debilitating bite wound the monitoring team felt Birmingham needed treatment at the rehabilitation facility so that he could be released back to the wild in full health. After a month of ca...

Tue 16, Oct 2012

Opening of new Elephant Nursery in Zambia

The new Elephant Nursery at Lilayi , near Lusaka has been officially opened by David Shepherd and His Honour , the Vice President of Zambia, Dr Guy Scott. Initiated in August 2011, when a young elephant was too sick to be moved to the remote location of the Release Facility in Kafue National Park, the nursery provides easier access to vets and medical supplies and is now home to five orphans. It was built with funding support from DSWF and LaFarge ,Zambia. Circular in design, it is capable of housing eleven young elephants and has a raised i...

Tue 16, Oct 2012

Scientists discover cubs of rare snow leopards

South Gobi, Mongolia For the first time ever, researchers in Mongolia have been able to locate and video cubs within a den site belonging to the rare and endangered snow leopard After a month of intensive searching, an international research team has located the den sites of two female snow leopards and captured astonishing videos of a young cub resting inside a den with its mother. The research team, co-managed by the Snow Leopard Trust and Panthera , and supported by three UK organizations-BBC Wildlife Fund, Whitley Fund for Nature, and Da...