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Uganda Conservation Foundation


UCF was set up to help previously war-stricken, heavily poached, high biodiversity regions in Uganda and Central Africa. Over the past 40 years, severe poaching across Uganda had killed all the rhino and most of the once famed herds of elephants that gave the country the reputation of having the most mega-herbivores per km² in Africa.

UCF evolved from a research project called Elephants, Crops and People undertaken by Michael Keigwin in the 1990s in which he witnessed at first hand the daily battle for survival of people and wildlife alike. This led to the birth of the Uganda Conservation Foundation, its sister non-profit making company in Uganda and conservation relationships in the USA.

In the decade since then, UCF has earned a reputation for being a proactive organisation. We strive to make every penny, dime or shilling count and, in 2009, 90% of our funding was turned directly into conservation in action.

Working with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), UCF seeks to sensitise communities and demonstrate through practical projects how financial benefits can be gained from conservation.

Powertraveller was pleased to support the organisation by providing portable chargers to the UWA Rangers so hey could keep their communication devices charged whilst out on anti-poaching patrols.  These images were taken on a recent exercise in Murchison Falls, North West Uganda.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation works hard to raise money for NGO's such as The Uganda Conservation Foundation.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

*pictures and words courtesy of The Uganda Conservation Foundation