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The SBSA Telemark Raid Challenge 2012


Twelve former members and 3 friends of the SBSA (Special Boat Service Association), aged between 35 and 60, retraced the steps of the "Heroes of Telemark", who undertook one of the most audacious raids of the Second World War and destroyed the German Heavy Water plant at Vemork, which was vital to the Nazis' attempt to build an atomic bomb.

Covering more than 80km over five days, the team have skied through some of the most challenging mountainous terrain in potentially arctic conditions, following the exact route and sleeping in some of the original huts used by the Norwegian saboteurs in 1943.

The expedition involved considerable physical effort and proved to be challenging for all participants.

The team took along with them some of our portable chargers and it is with great pride that we received the following letter:

"Dear Jerry

I am writing on behalf of the Trustees and all members of the Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) to thank you for your support to the Telemark Challenge Raid Fundraising event. The event was a resounding success in terms of rekindling bonds of former members, whose ages ranged from 33 to 60 years of age, and also from a fundraising perspective, with over £100K raised so far. In addition the group covered over 85km, pulling pulks in some difficult conditions.

The loan of the solar Powertraveller chargers was instrumental in maintaining our safety communications for the expedition and also for recharging the GoPro cameras, as our intention is to produce a video of the event. without the solar chargers we would not have been able to fulfil this requirement, so many thanks.

I personally carried the powermonkey extreme and was thoroughly impressed with the time in which the panels recharged the battery and also for the number of times that I could recharge my GoPro camera and SAT phone. The system was easy to use, robust and did not appear to be affected by the cold weather.

Finally, I would view the chargers as an essential component of any future expedtion.

Phil Maese
Operations Manager, Special Boat Service Association"

*pictures and words courtesy of The Special Boat Service Association