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TearFund Emergency Response to Haiti


I am recently returned from Haiti and wanted to give you some feed back on our use of the PowerGorillas / Monkeys. Firstly to say thanks to you and your team for providing various pieces of equipment and peripherals at short notice which we really appreciate. Secondly, I and the team out in Haiti have been very impressed with the performance and functionality of the Powertraveller equipment, and it has been a vital resource during our initial set-up there.

In the early days before we had access to a small portable generator the gorillas / monkeys gave us access to power in some very remote parts of Haiti around the Leogane area where we undertook some needs assessment work. The equipment was regularly used to power not just laptop computers and SatPhones, but also VHF radios, portable lamps, and Satellite Modems for internet access. It is brilliant to have a power supply which is so versatile and compact.

Also, the PowerTraveller kit comes with well designed neoprene / cordura pouches to accommodate the main components.

The first pic I took of charging up the Gorillas / Monkeys before a major distribution of shelter materials in the hill country around Leogane which was 80-90% destroyed during the quake. The second pic is what a lot of Leogane looks like.

*pictures and words courtesy of Nathan Beard - TearFund.