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Rome to Home

5 years ago Dan Keeley was diagnosed Bipolar.  Now he's running 1,250 miles from Rome, Italy to Home in the UK to share his story.

Dan had a full blown manic episode in Italy in 2012, followed by a crippling depression.  Dan is now in a positive place and hopes by taking on this challenge, he will help in normalising the conversation surrounding mental health issues, give hope to others, to thanks all those who supported him over the last 5 years and above all to encourage other (particularly males) to speak up when they're struggling the most.

Dan says: "12 guys under the age of 45 take their own life every single day in the UK and I want to play my part in doing something about it."

Dan aims to raise £12,000 and loads of awareness for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) - one of the UK's most innovative charities dedicated to keeping men alive by talking.

He's also keen to take on an amazing adventure challenge - one which will push his boundaries, test his limits, self-medicate and perhaps inspire a few others to take on an adventure of their own.

Dan's adventure starts on the 20th August 2017 - To keep his devices charged on his expedition, we have given him one of our new extreme chargers - a 12,000mAh battery pack complete with a separate 5 watt solar panel.