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Riding the Rio Santa Cruz

In late November 2014, Leon McCarron began a month-long expedition from the Atlantic Ocean to the Patagonian ice-caps, following the route of Argentina’s Santa Cruz River on horseback.

The Rio Santa Cruz has been at the centre of Patagonian exploration since Captain FitzRoy and Charles Darwin first tried to follow its course in 1834, and Leon used accounts from their adventures (along with those of Moreno, Feilberg and others) as a guide for his own journey. 

The team of three - Leon along with fellow adventurer and filmmaker Tom Allen and local Argentinian horseman José Argento - were self-sufficient as travellers and as a film crew. Following in the footsteps of the first explorers, this was a journey that explored a land of legends – the country of gauchos, explorers and bandits. 

The team used the powergorilla and solargorilla chargers to keep their devices charged.  

"The kit worked really well.  I'm a big fan of the powergorilla"  Leon McCarron.

*pictures and words courtesy of Leon McCarron