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Racing the Planet - The Gobi March 2013

Gobi Desert

"On behalf of the 4 Deserts team, we wanted to express our gratitude and thank you for Powertraveller's continued support of the 4 Deserts.

We recently completed our second race of 2013, the Gobi March, which was held in a beautiful new location in Bortala, Xinjiang, China, and was a great success.  We are now preparing for our next event on 4 August in Iceland which has over 280 competitors representing 57 countries from around the world.  We are also already focusing on 2014 with a full calendar of events in Chile, China, Egypt, Antarctica and Madagascar.

Due to the setting of the 4 Deserts Series events – in natural, remote and sometimes harsh environments without access to a stable power supply – Powertraveller devices have become an integral product for the events team to maintain communications on the course and with the outside world in a timely and consistent manner.

The 4 Deserts Series plans to continue using Powertraveller products in the future and believes that its partnership with Powertraveller can only expand. We hope that all future staff and volunteers can have access to the devices in order to increase the length of time that they can stay on the course without having access to a main power supply. We also have many competitors currently using Powertraveller devices to keep their cameras and iPods charged as they push themselves mentally and physically across the 250 kilometers of a 4 Deserts Series race."

*Pictures and words courtesy of Racing The Planet