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Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Polar Guide Christoph Hoebenreich and three colleagues (photographer Michael Martin, cameraman Ralf Leistl and alpinist Mario Trimeri) recently undertook an exciting journey to Dronning (Queen) Maud Land in East Antarctica, visiting the legendary Drygalski Mountains which included Ulvetanna ("Matterhorn"), Holtanna, Kintanna and Forshteven Peak in central Neuschwabenland.

The team enjoyed all kinds of Antarctic weather including winds of 60 knots, white-outs, snowfall and spectacular clear blue skies.

Christoph once again took his Powertraveller solargorilla and powergorilla portable chargers and had this to say about them:

"I was very satisfied with the panels and the battery which, like on the South Pole, worked 100% well and without any malfunctions. They worked perfectly under the Antarctic conditions to charge all our batteries of cameras, etc.  Therefore I will also take the powergorilla and solargorilla on my next polar expedition to the Geographic South Pole in December 2014."


*pictures and words courtesy of Christoph Hoebenreich