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powergorilla & solargorilla in Naples


"When we were going to South of Naples, Sorrento, we were not sure about the electrical installations available there, so just in case , we took with us a powergorilla and a solargorilla.  Well it has been a very clever decision! Thanks to the powerful sunshine there, we have been totally autonomous for our all stay!  No problem recharging devices at all !

From the morning, to the evening, we could take amazing pictures of the sunset on the bay of Naples with our cameras, plus, our Macbook pro and iPhones were always charged so that everyday we could make a kind of selection of pictures taken during the day.

Although the powergorilla is very small extra weight in my rucksack, it is definitely an indispensible tool for the trip, so that you can stay connected all the time. And regarding the solargorilla, we almost forget we were using it, as it is attached on our rucskack while we walk!"

*pictures and words courtesy of Denis Tribaudeau, Survival Expert