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powergorilla keeps Jon White climbing

Jon joined the Royal Marines in September 2002 aged 19. After 12 months Young Officer Training he was drafted to the Commando Logistics Regiment where he commanded a troop of 30 men who were specialist drivers. During his 12 months there he deployed to Norway for 3 months where he completed the Novice Ski and Survival Course and the Infantry Winter Warfare Course receiving instructor recommends for both.

In 2006 Jon completed the 9 month Mountain Leader (ML) course. The course saw him become an expert in Cliff Assault Techniques, Mountain Warfare, Cold Weather Warfare and Reconnaissance.

During his 2nd operational tour to Afghanistan in command of the Reconnaissance Troop in March 2010 his Troop were given the charge of Patrol Base Mahboob just south of the Sangin District Centre. 3 months into the tour, Jon stepped on a Pressure Plate Improvised Explosive Device. The Explosion removed both of his legs above the knees and his right arm through the elbow.

Two years on, he is married and building a house in Devon. He is a full time prosthetic user, having not sat in a wheel chair since June 2011. He Kayaks and completed the Devizes to Westminster race and was awarded the Gluckstein Trophy for fortitude and determination.

Jon uses the powergorilla to keep his prosthetic legs charged for 2 days, allowing him to continue climbing.  He uses the powergorilla attached to the 12v car cigarette lighter connection, giving him freedom to keep doing what he loves.  That really is power without boundaries!