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Marijke Hornstra - Chile to California, USA

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012, adventure traveller Marijke Hornstra decided to grab life by the horns and embark upon an epic 23,000Km cycle expedition from Chile to California, USA.

The aim of the expedition: to encourage sustainable projects in South America, meaning more people will use energy generated from water, wind and sunlight.  Marijke will share these projects with Smarter Energy News - an online portal featuring the latest news on smart energy and energy innovations.

Powertraveller is proud to sponsor Marijke by providing her with a powermonkey extreme to keep her Canon camera, GPS and mobile phone charged throughout her expedition.

"I use the powermonkey extreme for my bicycle ride through South America. The longer I cycle, the more I want to extend my trip. My bicycle took me from Ushuaia (Argentina) and will probably take me to Alaska, but this will take about 1.5 years more. After this 2 years of cycling, I hope I can extend my trip to New Zealand and my powernonkey will come with me on this trip. Whilst travelling through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, I have been in many situations where I needed my GPS. The roads are roads that I wouldn't call roads in the Netherlands, but that is just how it is right here. My GPS on my iPhone survives one day without charging, but up in the mountains, where there is no electricity, where there is no running water, there is no chance to charge my iPhone. But hey, there is my powermonkey extreme. Just love it that I can charge up my iPhone 5 times without charging up the powermonkey extreme. So when it almost runs out of battery, I make great use of the sun. High in the mountains, the sun is so strong so I the solar panel charges up my powermonkey very fast. I attach the solar panel on the back of my bicycle and the only thing I have to do is cycle and the sun does the rest.
It's not only my iPhone that I charge but also my iPod and Go-Pro camera." 

*Pictures and words courtesy of Marijke Hornstra