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Follow That Fire Engine

The Story:

FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE is dedicated to the memory of Garth Moore, who passed away on 18th July 2009 at the age of 63, after a brave battle with lung cancer. Garth was a Fire Fighter at Wimborne Fire Station in Dorset and dedicated his life to fighting fires and saving the lives of others, over the course of his 33 years in service.

His son Steve Moore is FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE's expedition leader. The goal of is to raise money and awareness for three charities; MacMillan Cancer Support, The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and The Fire Fighters Charity.

The Attempt:

The Crew will drive a fire engine an impressive 26,000 miles, through 28 countries, over 9 months, covering gruelling terrain, inhospitable territories and in ext reme temperature conditions. The vast distances and many unknowns of the expedition will be both physically demanding and mentally challenging. Most days the crew will spend over 10 hours on the road.

The crew will be driving a Mercedes 1124 AF. The truck is designed for short, quick journeys. It will provide plenty of storage space, essential for the camping equipment and supplies required to be on the road for 9 long months. However, the fire engine is not designed for comfort or speed, so it's certain to be a bumpy ride.

Overnight accommodation will be a similarly no-frills experience as the crew plan to camp out wherever possible. In towns and cities where pitching a tent is not possible the crew hope to stay with welcoming locals and, in the process, discover and learn as much as they can about the different countries that they will be passing through.

The Partnership:

Paul Barham of FTFE says:

"I am absolutely delighted and proud to announce that FTFE has an amazing new sponsor and supporter, Powertraveller.  The entire company is massively behind the expedition and will closely follow our progress with great interest. This donation must not be underestimated. It is quite simply life saving, as I've gone on to explain below. The crew would have no choice but to buy this technology if it wasn't donated. We are so incredibly lucky to have the market leaders of this kind of technology on board and we can't even begin to thank Powertraveller enough.
However there is more. In addition and in some eyes most importantly, they have kindly given us our very own Powertraveller baby gorilla which I am delighted to say is now the official, "Follow That Fire Engine mascot - Arthur".

I asked Expedition Leader Steve Moore why this donation was so fundamentally important to the expedition. Steve explains that, "until now the expedition was solely reliant on the Fire Engine to power everything and anything from our emergency satellite phone to our lap top". If the Fire Engine breaks down in a remote area as well as being stranded we would also soon run out of power leaving us unable to contact anyone for help or advice.  This independent power source removes our total reliance on the fire engine and is quite simply life saving."

Steve continues, "We will also be able to charge a few home comforts such as a mobile phone or ipod, but of massive importance is that we will now being able to use the laptop to write our blogs, sitting in a tent in the middle of desert without having to have the fire engine switched on to power it. So, as well as being incredible useful and convenient lifesavers, these energy efficient appliances and renewable energy devices will save the crew money and help cut FTFE overall CO2 emissions, which is in line with our Green strategy. It will also give the Fire Engine a well earned rest. Powertraveller have covered so many angles that they are truly are a pivotal part of our expedition".