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Broad Peak Expedition

China / Pakistan

In June / July 2013, Steffen Hirzel set out on an attempt to climb Broad Peak (8047 m), using the same route as the first climbers, the Westface and the Westridge.

"This mountain is located in the Karakorum, it`s a mountain chain north to Himalaya. For me it was a special adventure.  The basecamp to climb this mountain, are on the border moraine from the Godwin-Austen-Glacier at 4900 m.

In the background stays his big brother, the mountain of the mountains, the K2 - with 8611 m after Mount Everest (8848 m) the second biggest mountain of the world.

It was very good to charge some electronic things. It has so much power and works perfectly."

*pictures and words courtesy of Steffen Hirzel