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Biolight Healing Technology

Healing wounds or inflammation requires energy and oxygen. Biolight is a patented technology that provides the body’s cells with energy, increases circulation and facilitates the evacuation of waste products. In short, the damaged tissue is radiated with light at a specially adapted wavelength and pulse frequency. The cells in the damaged tissue receive new energy, which in turn increases activity and accelerates effective healing.

Biolight is a method developed in Sweden currently used by many veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet owners, professional trainers and practitioners in equestrian sports, service dog handlers, etc. The treatment is non-pharmacological and performed externally. It is painless with no side effects and works on both small and large animals.  Not only is it good for animals, it’s good for humans, too. You can effectively treat yourself with Biolight for soreness, muscle stiffness, lactic acid, etc. as is often the case after a hard workout or competition.?

Powertraveller has worked with Biolight to produce a bespoke, fixed voltage minigorilla so that Biolight can be used away from mains power, with no trailing cables - essential when being used out in the field.  Several hundred bespoke minigorillas are being used alongside the Biolight to aid the recovery of competition horses, Tour de France competitors, Veterinary physicians and professional rugby teams.

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