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Ataraxia Project, Alaska

North America

"In spring 2012, a mixed German American crew set out to break the world record of the longest continues vertical climb with kite support - in the middle of Alaska.

The goal was to reach the top of 4016m high Mt. Marcus Baker, the highest peak of the Chugach Mountains as fast as possible with the support of wind power used by kites. The Ataraxia project was embedded in the Eklutna crossing of three coherent Alaskan glaciers as well as an adventure trip to Thompson Pass, Valdez.

What was initially planned to be a great achievement in pushing the limits of modern day mountaineering soon turned into a fight against the elements. Staying out at Knik glacier for three weeks waiting for the right weather conditions, the base camp was hit by three major Alaskan snow storms. Tents collapsed under the enormous masses of snow deposited in camp with winds gusting up to more than 120km/h. Even though the team did not reach their ultimate goal in the end, this was the adventure of a lifetime and all made it back home safely more motivated for the next attempt than ever before.

Powertraveller supported this great adventure with the perfect package to generate and safe energy while being outdoors, the solargorilla and the powergorilla. Even though temperatures fell well beyond negative 20°C the team never lacked enough power to recharge multiple DSLR cameras. While traveling throughout the day the solargorillas charged the powergorillas and at night the powergorillas were used to charge camera batteries."

*Photos remain the property of Nicolas Chibac
*Words courtesy of Sebastian Bubmann