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Andrew Gray Appeal


"For a few years now, I have owned a powermonkey explorer, used on many a camping trip, powering my phones, games consoles and other portable items.

Last year, my brother and his wife became parents to their first child together. Unfortunately, baby Andrew was born with a serious heart defect, and was transferred to the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen, and subsequently flown to the specialist heart unit in Glasgow. At ten days old he had surgery to correct the defect, discharged ten days later and is now doing very well at home.

As some way to repay the debt we feel we owe to to teams that saved Andrew's life, my brother David and I decided to enter the Mens 10k in Glasgow in June last year, raising funds for Yorkhill Children's Foundation. We decided to take part dressed as teddy bears (photo attached), and when looking for a solution to the cooling of the head, I turned to my trusted powermonkey!

I sourced a 5v computer fan, knowing that these had a low power consumption, sewing it into the base of the head directing the airflow upwards across the face, powered by my 'monkey'. During my training, I even managed to drop the powermonkey, crushing it under my big bear feet. With some careful taping, the monkey continued to work (although no longer waterproof!), testament to the durability of the product.

This year, we have decided to add an extra element to our fundraising, and as well as taking part in the Mens 10k again this year dressed as the now famous teddybears, we will cycle from the Neonatal Unit in Aberdeen to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Yorkhill in Glasgow over the two days prior to the 10k.

We will be using various devices for GPS tracking and blogging, and yes, we will be turning again to Powertraveller products for our source of power. In the coming weeks, I intend to purchase a powermonkey extreme which I will mount to my bike, allowing me to power our devices continuously during the 2-day ride. I also intend to make some improvements to the bear head, and will again use my monkey as a power source.

I cannot praise these great Powertraveller products enough.

Thanks for your time, and please continue to develop these great products."

*pictures and words courtesy of Neil Gray