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Squash Falconer summits Everest


Squash Falconer's aim was to become the first woman in the world to solo pilot a paraglider from the top of Mt Everest.  Squash would be taking a Powertraveller powermonkey-eXtreme, powergorilla, minigorilla and solargorilla with her to keep her gadgets charged on this epic expedition. At the end of March 2011, Squash went to Nepal.She would be co-leading an expedition to climb Mount Everest. At 8,848m it is the highest mountain in the world. Not only would she be attempting to summit the peak, she would also be taking her parag...

Across Antarctica


In 2010, Ryan and Cecilie Skog completed a 1,117 mile/1,800 kilometer Antarctic ski expedition over 70 days from Berkner Island in the Ronne/Filchner Sea to the South Pole, continuing to the Ross Sea to complete the first ski traverse of Antarctica without resupplies or the use of kites. 



Ripley Davenport attempted the first recorded solo traverse across the vast landmass of Mongolia, on foot from east to west, through the Eastern Mongolian Steppe, Gobi Desert and the Altai Mountain Range. Enduring extreme temperature fluctuations, blizzards, sand storms, isolation, unrelenting desert heat, brutal terrain, Ripley completed an arduous 1012 mile solo trek in 52 days and 8 hours, while man hauling provisions and equipment weighing in excess of 240kg in a wheeled trailer, specifically designed for the journey.

Murray Paddle Expedition


Between October 6th and December 19th 2009 Dave travelled the length of Australia's Murray River on foot and by kayak, documenting the human, environmental and climatic factors contributing to the decline in health of this once mighty river. Dave's first encounter with the Murray was three years earlier, when he skated onto the Wellington Ferry, which crossed the Murray in South Australia. That 100 metre crossing was the most peaceful section of what ended up as a 3618 mile traverse of Australia, and it led to this; his second ex...

Mont Blanc Paragliding


In September 2009 Squash embarked on an expedition to climb Mont Blanc, 4,810m. After riding her BMW motorbike to the foot of the mountain. She led the climb to the summit and then used her paraglider to become the first women to fly from the top of Mont Blanc (officially recognised and recorded by the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom).    

Loubuche East 6,145m.


In April 2009 Squash summited Loubuche East, 6,145m.  She was a co-leader on this trip.

Cho Oyu 8,201m


In Sept 2008 Squash Summited Cho Oyu at 8,201m it is 6th highest mountain in world (600m lower than Everest). She took a bum board to the top and became the world’s highest ever bum boarder!

Mustagata 7546m


July 2007 - Mustagata, 7546m - Reached 7,400m turned back due to bad weather.  Snow boarded back down. 

Eigar 2007 With Ranulph Fiennes


Kenton successfully leads Ranulph Fiennes up the North face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps. At 3,970m it is one of the biggest mountains in the European Alps.  Since 1935, at least sixty-four climbers have died attempting the north face, earning it the German nickname Mordwand, literally "murder wall" - a pun on its correct title of Nordwand (North Wall).

Board Free: Skateboarding Across Australia


Dave's 3618 mile journey from Perth to Brisbane became the longest skateboard journey in history. By the time he'd finished, it was only 22 months since he'd first stepped onto a skateboard. In that time Dave and his rollsrolls carbon kevlar longboard, Elsa, had crossed both the UK and Australia.   This is where the adventures all started for Dave. Seeing his home town from a new perspective on a skateboard opened his eyes to the possibilities of a life of passion, rather than the monotonous drag of a 9 to 5 he wasn&...