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Elliptigo Challenge


On April 30 2013 Dave and fellow British adventurer Squash Falconer set off on the GO Trek through Western Europe on their ElliptiGO elliptical bicycles. Both lovers of the outdoors with a passion for sports, they hope to highlight the benefit of physical activity on quality of life to the people they meet along the way.   Dave journey ended with a minor back injury, forcing him to retire after 7 weeks and almost 2000 miles on the road to prevent longer term damage. Squash continued on to Paris. The pair rode through six countri...

Project Code Red


On Tuesday 5 Aug 2013 Chris Bertish set a new SUP record for the crossing of the English Channel – a 38.1km stretch. This was the cherry-on-the-cake after Chris’ 3.5-day Thames River source-to-sea adventure, which saw him run 20km, SUP 243-kilometres and bike 35km to the Thames Barrier. This was all part of his Project Code Red Adventure http://chrisbertish.com/projects/project-code-red/ all for Charity- The Lunchbox Fund. First ever, Thames River source-to-sea run, stand up paddle, cycle This is the adventure that kicked o...

South Africa trip


I headed down to Cape Town for Easter for some surf with Mitch Corbett and the rest of the Cushe team. The water was cold and the waves were glassy. Mitch and I decided to stay on after the rest of the crew left, and headed out on a boat to see some great whites. I was terrified at first at the thought of great white sharks, but being in the ocean with them was completely relaxing. Im less scared of sharks now than ever before. The photos show a 7m great white which we got some pretty cool go pro footage of!

Racing the Planet - The Gobi March 2013

Gobi Desert

"On behalf of the 4 Deserts team, we wanted to express our gratitude and thank you for Powertraveller's continued support of the 4 Deserts. We recently completed our second race of 2013, the Gobi March, which was held in a beautiful new location in Bortala, Xinjiang, China, and was a great success.  We are now preparing for our next event on 4 August in Iceland which has over 280 competitors representing 57 countries from around the world.  We are also already focusing on 2014 with a full calendar of events in Chile, C...


North America

Smokejumping isn’t a planned adventure to climb a mountain or explore a cave. Every mission is a parachute jump into uncharted territories, uncertain conditions, and unexpected outcomes. You wake up in the morning, you head to roll call...If you’re on the load,(eight smokejumpers on the aircraft) you have no idea where your next mission may be. With the ever-changing conditions, it’s absolutely critical for me to be able to use the tech that I rely on, and Powertraveller has proven itself day in, day out, year after ye...

Gran Paradiso 4,061m


In September 2012 Squash Summited the 7th highest mountain in the Graian Alps, Gran Paradiso at 4,061m. After summiting she became First British Woman to fly from the summit on a paraglider.

Surfing Costa Rica

North America

Costa Rica blew my mind. I flew there with my Cushe team mates Mitch, Natty and Gus. We rented a 4wd, squeezed everything in it, and went on a road trip. We drove all the way down the coast stopping at different spots each night and moving on the next day. We ended up driving about 8 hours in to the jungle right down near the border of Panama and stayed there for a week. We scored perfect empty waves everyday, and thanks to power gorrilla we kept all our camera equipment charged so we could get some surf footage. The wild life was insane, we...

Dare to Dream


After climbing for 24 years, Swee Chiow finally attempted K2, the peak with many awesome names - The Mountaineer's Mountain, The Savage Mountain and The Killer Mountain. Swee Chiow enlisted the help of Powertraveller as a supporting sponsor on this mammoth expedition, running from the 20th June to the 20th August 2012. Swee Chiow has climbed many great peaks including Everest three times and the 7 summits.  His attempt at K2 was billed as the hardest climb of his life and he successfully reached the summit during August 2012...

Swim 1000

North America

As depicted in Miguel Endara's short film, Swim1000 started on August 10th 2012, Dave jumped into the Missouri river at Chamberlain, South Dakota and began swimming towards St Louis, Missouri, towing his gear with him on a carbon fibre raft.   58 days later Dave and his team, who were paddling on Lakeshore Stand Up Paddleboards and in a Mad River Canoe, reached St Louis, MO after a 1001 mile journey, one of the longest swimming journeys in history.   Dave had not swum more than 100 metres in one go before this journey...

Squash Falconer and Mt. Kilimanjaro


Squash Falconer has been busy again, this time climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She went along with Adrian and Peter of Wings Of Kilimanjaro and they kept their gadgets charged throughout the expedition thanks to the solarmonkey adventurer, the solargorilla and the minigorilla. Peter had this to say: "Here are a couple of photos of Squash on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, plus a couple of shots of my Gorilla pack I used to keep the cameras charged. I came up with a custom configuration for the Gorilla to charge/power a...