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Paddling Home for Christmas

Laura Kennington decided in December 2015 that a great way to wrap up the year would be a local adventure in London. The Thames is the UK's second longest river and a real hub of bustling cultural activity in London.  In the run up to Christmas, Laura and a friend kayaked 236 miles of the Thames.  Laura unpacked her kayak in Lechlade, near the source of the river, and finished paddling 8 days later back in London, near the iconic Tower Bridge.

Wild Atlantic Ride

In August 2015, Laura Kennington embarked on a ride through Ireland by bike. The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland had been on Laura's radar for a few months, lurking as an ever-present temptation in the background.  Luckily, things fell into place and Laura was able to make her dream a reality. The Wild Atlantic Way is 2,600km long and is the world's longest uninterrupted coastal route.  Laura caught the overnight ferry to Belfast, arriving at 6.30am on August 19th and then rode the 70 miles to Derry, where the route of...

7 Summits - Annelie Pompe

Not content with being the record holder for the deepest freedive to 126m in one breath, Annelie Pompe is also a bit of a hero in the mountaineering department too. She became the highest and deepest human in the world within one year thanks to some epic climbing skills and of course that world record. With climbing fascinating Annelie since childhood, she has climbed all 7 summits (the highest mountain peaks of each of the seven continents for those that didn't know): 2011 - Kilimanjaro 2011 - Mt. Everest 2012 - De...

Caspian Challenge

In May 2015, Laura Kennington attempted to kayak the entire length of the Volga River in Russia, from source to sea. The Volga River is Europe's longest river, at just over double the length of Britain.  The Caspian Challenge was to paddle all 2,300 miles of this magnificent river - solo and self-sufficient. Sadly, due to unforeseen safety issues, the expedition had to be abandoned after 6 weeks.

Britain's Most Isolated Island

Pitcairn Island

After winning this year’s Journey of a Lifetime Award from the Royal Geographical Society and BBC Radio 4, photographer Rhiannon has embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Britain's most isolated island; Pitcairn Island.  Few people have ever visited Pitcairn and is home to fewer than 50 permanent residents. It is the world’s least populous jurisdiction, world’s smallest democracy, and one of the world’s most isolated communities. It measures just two miles...

Marijke Hornstra - Chile to California, USA

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012, adventure traveller Marijke Hornstra decided to grab life by the horns and embark upon an epic 23,000Km cycle expedition from Chile to California, USA. The aim of the expedition: to encourage sustainable projects in South America, meaning more people will use energy generated from water, wind and sunlight.  Marijke will share these projects with Smarter Energy News - an online portal featuring the latest news on smart energy and energy innovations. Powertraveller is proud to spo...

Squash Falconer in Tignes, France

Powertraveller brand ambassador Squash Falconer recently went to Tignes, France and took her powermonkey explorer 2 along to keep her GoPro camera and mobile phone charged whilst she was out exploring.  The powermonkey explorer 2 was equally as happy in the snow as on dry land and kept Squash's devices fully juiced.  

Honza Rejmanek - Red Bull X-Alps 2015 Athlete

Here's Red Bull X-Alps 2015 Athlete Honza Rejmanek putting the award-winning powermonkey explorer 2 through its paces whilst out training in sunny California.  Honza took the explorer 2 up paragliding to charge his GPS system and his iPhone once back on solid ground and was so impressed with it he literally jumped for joy!

Though the Aleutians to Alaska

The Aleutian Islands

Sarah Outen and Justine Curgenven took a 101 day kayaking expedition along the Aleutian Islands which was one part of her ongoing human powered journey around the world. After landing in Adak in her rowing boat one year earlier, having successfully rowed from Japan across the North Pacific on her second attempt, poor weather had stymied her progress from Japan towards my original destination of Canada, forcing her to land at Adak. To continue Sarah’s journey she had to reach the nearest road on the mainland of North America. That road...

Mt Kenya - Team Tesco


18 Tesco colleagues climbed Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa standing at 5199 metres. The dream team included a mix of colleagues from across stores, distribution centres and offices, coming together to raise money for two great causes – Diabetes UK and Cancer Research UK. They managed to raise around £40,000 altogether.