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Antarctic Gurkha

Antarctic Gurkha - an incredible journey of 1100km to the South Pole.  In November 2017, starting from the Hercules Inlet, Scott Sears will attempt to break the world record for the youngest person ever to reach the South Pole alone, whilst raising money for the The Gurkha Welfare Trust. Despite a childhood dream of becoming a professional tennis player like his father, Scott soon realised he was much better at being cold, wet and carrying heavy bags - so his other dream of joining the Army seemed the perfect match.  After 7 mon...

Antarctica Ice Maiden


In November 2017, six British women are aiming to become the first all-female team to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica. No team of women, from any nation, has completed this formidable challenge. It is the ultimate opportunity to show that women have the mental strength and physical endurance to operate in the most hostile environment on earth. The Ice Maiden team will cover 1,700km using muscle-power alone, pulling sledges and battling temperatures of -50°C and wind speeds of over 60mph during their three-month journey.  Uns...

Rome to Home

5 years ago Dan Keeley was diagnosed Bipolar.  Now he's running 1,250 miles from Rome, Italy to Home in the UK to share his story. Dan had a full blown manic episode in Italy in 2012, followed by a crippling depression.  Dan is now in a positive place and hopes by taking on this challenge, he will help in normalising the conversation surrounding mental health issues, give hope to others, to thanks all those who supported him over the last 5 years and above all to encourage other (particularly males) to speak up when they're...

Pedalling for Pancakes

After the success of her "Pedalling for Pastisseries", it seemed only logical for Laura to replicate the mini-adventure formula. Setting out from London on Monday 7th August 2017, Laura caught the overnight ferry from Harwich, arriving into Hook of Holland Tuesday morning.  She then pedalled onwards to Rotterdam, where she was hosted by her friends at KEEN and spent 24 hours exploring.  She headed back to the UK on Wednesday night and was back home in time for lunch on Thursday!

Red Bull X-Alps 2017

The Alps

Born in 2003, the Red Bull X-Alps is the world's toughest adventure race, a bold claim, but one it surely deserves. For the second time, Powertraveller powered the athletes’ devices in 2017 as an official Red Bull X-Alps partner in the eighth edition of the race. The concept is a simple one. 32 athletes must race a straight-line distance of more than 1,000km across the Alps, by foot or paraglider via set turnpoints.  Over the last 10 years, the unique adventure some of the world's top adventurers and tested them to the lim...


Ironically, Laura Kennington used to detest running.  With the help of the Running School in London, she finally cracked it and was able to run further and explore more places. Loving endurance sports and wanting to put her new running skills into practice, Laura wanted a challenge that she could squeeze into a week, preferably on an Island somewhere.  She did some research and discovered that Fuerteventura translates (according to Wikipedia!) to "great adventure" - perfect! Laura was joined by her good friend Tessa on...

Pedalling for Patisserie

Laura Kennington decided it would be fun to cycle  281km from London to Paris in (almost) 24 hours with some friends! Let's hope the pastries were tasty at the end!

Cycling Atlantic2Andes

Having run through five South American countries on his Running the Americas adventure,  Jamie was keen to adventure across three he hadn’t visited. In February 2017, Jamie cycled from his flat to Victoria station, got the train to Gatwick Airport and flex to Sao Paolo. From there he cycled 3700km across Brazil, Paraguay and up into the Andes of Bolivia. The adventure was completely solo and unsupported with challenges including the Chaco in Paraguay, climbing the Andes (4700m) and cycling across the Salar de Uyuni during the w...

SUP Sweden


In July 2016 Adventure Athlete Tarran Kent-Hume took a team of 5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding through the heart of Sweden. The Adventure began when the team flew into Gothenburg to make final preparations and spend the night along the river. They set off the following morning with the first sunset of their trip and headed upstream into the Gota Canal and Lake Vanern.   The adventure saw the team travel the length of the Gota Canal passing through Lake Vattern, Motala and Soderkoping before reaching the Baltic Sea and hugging the Eastern C...

Channel Islands Triathlon

Laura Kennington has always loved the water and in the interest of finding new ways of testing her limits, she thought it could be fun to take on a swimming challenge. With this in mind, she found herself looking at stretches of open water in the UK that she might be able to involve somehow and was simultaneously looking at Islands she could possibly circumnavigate in her kayak. Whilst researching both of these options, Laura couldn’t help but notice how close together 3 of the Channel Islands are… why circumnavigate 1 island...