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case studies

powermonkey across Asia

"In late April 2013 I set off by train across the UK, Europe, Russia, Mongolia and China. I was going to my friend’s wedding in China, by train. From Leicester, England to Kunming, Yunnan Province, in SW China, took 14 days by train, including taking the famous Trans-Siberian railway! I made sure I bought a powermonkey before I set off, to keep my smart phone charged. It made all the difference being able to contact friends and family, plus check my facebook, emails and language translation apps! Throughout the journey I was a...

powergorilla keeps GPS mapping going

"Thank you so much for the Gorilla-pad and connectors. They arrived yesterday and I was able to try out the system last evening; it all worked perfectly. The GPS/mapping/phone stayed on and took the charge from the Gorilla continuously, even the phone battery was being topped up. It will certainly give me more than a full days usage either cycling or walking. I have attached a few of photos of the set up on my touring bike. The Gorilla and pad go in the rear pannier, the cable is routed along the top tube and the phone is mounte...

powergorilla & solargorilla in Naples


"When we were going to South of Naples, Sorrento, we were not sure about the electrical installations available there, so just in case , we took with us a powergorilla and a solargorilla.  Well it has been a very clever decision! Thanks to the powerful sunshine there, we have been totally autonomous for our all stay!  No problem recharging devices at all ! From the morning, to the evening, we could take amazing pictures of the sunset on the bay of Naples with our cameras, plus, our Macbook pro and iPhones were always charg...