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case studies

Scouts School Project, Nepal

Lamjung, Nepal

"Last year, I contacted you about a charity project that we were undertaking in Nepal.  In the end I took some of your products and used them successfully, despite the sun not being out all the time. Some other members of the group took similar products in your range. I have attached some photographs of your kit while we were away. There are photographs of the powermonkey explorer on the building, of them by the lake at Bhara Pokhari with Annapurna in the background, and one of the building as we left it at the end of the proje...


Shishapangma. Himalayas

"Regarding the powermonkey - it worked perfectly! The powermonkey fuelled our radios, Sat Phones and MP3 players with green, lightweight solar power in all the camps up to 700m.  It was really handy and connected to all our electronic devices."

Sled-racing, Norway


Check out the powergorilla being used to power this GPS system, being used for dog-pulled sled racing in Norway. Jon Hearn had this to say: "I've just done 70km of a 100km training run, now having a much needed coffee break, my garmins conventional AA batteries died after just 15km, the cold just kills them, it's been below -25c! I really appreciate you finding a solution for my problems!"

Elephant Orphanage Project


DSWF (David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation) have been supporting conservation projects in Zambia since David first visited in the 1960's. Over £500,000 has been awarded in grants, mainly supporting anti-poaching operations throughout the country. The Elephant Orphanage Project started in 2001 with the rescue of baby elephant Phoenix whose mother has been slaughtered by ivory poachers. Earlier this year, torrential floods washed away the original site and the baby elephants had to be walked to higher ground and to safety. The proj...

solargorilla in Mongolia


‘The solargorilla is compact and sturdy, and it's great to find a device on the market capable of powering a laptop. It comes with a Velcro strip to allow you to attach it to the laptop safely stashed in your rucksack so that you can be powering it up while walking, with the solar panels pointing at the sun. On a supported trekking trip this could be fine, as it would on any trip with occasional days in one place where the Gorilla could be placed in direct sun, connected to the laptop, for several hours. The solargorilla is primari...

solargorilla in Nepal

Himalayas, Nepal

My trip to Nepal was really great as I could walk around the Himalayas without worry of power supply for my laptop, mobile phone, iPod and Canon DSLR camera because of solargorilla. I would appreciate if you kindly convey my thanks to your entire team.

Team Momentum, Africa

Masai Mara, Kenya

In July 2009, Darby Allen, managing director of Team Momentum Ltd. travelled to Africa to help run a unique Team building exercise. The aim of the exercise was to take 6 teenage boys (aged 14-18) from 4 countries with widely differing cultures, religious beliefs and family circumstances to work together for 4 weeks in the challenging environment of the African Bush. The exercise was designed to foster respect for cultural, religious and social differences whilst subjecting the group to a wide range of physical and mental challenges in a...

VR Technology

"As a life-support system designer and test pilot, I constantly find myself in remote locations above and below the water.  Battery charging is often a problem. The powermonkey explorer gives me confidence.  I know I will always have power when and where I really need it, keeping my life-support running."

Ticket to the Moon

Sumba, Indonesia

The Lestari Mandorak Foundation was born after three years of field experience: since 2006, a relief project had been initiated by Ticket To The Moon's founder, Charly, in Mandorak County, on the Western part of the remote island of Sumba, in Indonesia. With no access to water or electricity, the Kodi tribe from Mandorak is struggling to survive with subsistence agriculture and fishing, its main income relying on a yearly cashew harvest. Sensitive to this endemic situation, Charly and some friends have teamed up with local partners...

Tour of Mont Blanc

The Alps, France

We are doing a trek around Mont Blanc in July and we are raising money for Rainbow House. The trek is 180km and we should take around 10 - 12 days, walking in amongst some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Europe and crossing borders from France into Italy and Switzerland. We will climb and descend during the trek 33,000ft. This charity specialises in providing services for children with neurological problems and conditions such as cerebral palsy, genetic and metabolic conditions, and acquired brain injuries. Some of their chil...