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powermonkey explorer in the Himalayas


"I am writing to say thankyou for such a great product and for being such a great company to deal with... We have recently finished a 15 month trip through India, Nepal and South-East Asia and found the powermonkey explorer extremely handy. For our whole trip we were never without music or telephone! It's so small, light and durable, and is easy to charge from the wall as well as the sun - it was always there to keep us with music and a phone the whole time - even if my mp3 player ran out on a bus or a train, as long as I ha...

powermonkey explorer in Cornwall

Cornwall, United Kingdom

"These pictures were taken in Cornwall. I'm training to cycle 4000 miles around the mainland UK coast next year to raise money for 'Sustrans' and awareness of the role exercise can play in managing mental health problems from which I suffer. It will be a solo effort and I will camp and self support the whole way managing my health as I go. It's no race and I want to have a good look around as I go. I've used the 'little monkey' on the move as well. I rode the Devon/Cornish coast as a training ride in June...

Chitwan National Park, Nepal


Another powermonkey explorer soaking up the rays by the elephant's watering hole! It was taken in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal. An intrepid group of trekkers went there after an Everest Base Camp Trek and a bit of white water rafting !!

Trekking in Nepal


"I was trekking in Nepal. At the moment, they do not have enough electricity so they have power cuts for 12 to 16 hours per day. Often, the rooms in the trekking guest houses do not have power (candles and head torches and no chance to charge anything up). I was using my iPhone to create a GPS track of my trek, but this used the battery pretty rapidly. Where I could, I would charge the iPhone up and the Powermonkey overnight. I could then use the powermonkey to give the iPhone a boost if it ran low during the day. However often I di...

Powertraveller in Antarctica


"I recently went on a photographic visit to the Antarctic. This presented me with a significant power challenge in that it is very cold and batteries do not give as many hours/minutes of charge as usual. Whilst I had power on the ship, I had to have my computer gear with me on shore as the places we went to were remote and we could only have one visit - it was critical I downloaded my photos on shore, checked them and if necessary took further shots before leaving. Thank you especially to the Powergorilla which kept my MacBook going on...

Race to the South Pole

South Pole, Antarctica

"Here are some photos of me using the powermonkey explorer in a 430 mile race to the South Pole which I did in 2009. I was given another solar charger which fell apart within 2 days of the race. The powermonkey endured temperatures regularily around -45. It was a great piece of equipment, which kept my ipod going throughout the race. I also got a charging unit for AA batteries and I used this to power my GPS. I'm now the Chief Instructor for Polar Challenge, you can "google" this, it is a company which annually does a...

Racing The Planet

Gobi Desert

RacingThePlanet organizes the 4 Deserts, which is a series of seven-day, 250-kilometer (150-mile) self-supported footraces across the largest and most forbidding deserts on Earth, including the Gobi March in China, the Atacama Crossing in Chile, the Sahara Race in Egypt and The Last Desert in Antarctica. Each desert is unique, and every race finds itself crossing the paths of ancient cultures, stunning scenery and indigenous wildlife. The 4 Deserts takes competitors on journeys through the driest, hottest, coldest and windiest places on eart...

Remote Area Paramedic


Sent to us courtesy of Simms International Pty Ltd, check out these pictures of an Australian Remote Area Paramedic using the solargorilla and an Apple MagSafe cable to power his Apple MacBook.

Response Team in Bulgaria


BSD Bulgaria are a rapid response team, responsible for ensuring vital communication cabling throughout Bulgaria is always working. They have to get to any problems within 4 hours, so use the solargorilla portable solar charger to keep their laptops, mobiles and GPS devices juiced up and ready to go!

Royal Army Medical Corps, Nepal


The RAMC recently embarked upon a military medical expedition to the Himalayas. This group of medical personnel were aiming to climb Imja tes Island Peak, with the intent of personal and team development in addition to performing research into the effects of altitude on the body. Part of the research involved taking frequent blood tests to see if BNP (a blood protein) can predict who will be affected by altitude and develop altitude sickness. To perform this research they required laptops to process and record the data. In addition to th...