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Testing in Afghanistan


Check out these pictures of the powergorilla and solargorilla in Afghanistan! The product was supplied to this customer via our Czech Republic distributor, Sunnysoft SRO, for testing in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan.

Portable charging in Scandinavia


"We used the powergorilla and solargorilla during our trip to Scandinavia. It was easier to recharge the powergorilla when we had plugs available, roughly every three weeks. With this, we kept a mobile phone, the i-pod, camera batteries (charged via a braun universal charger) and the VHF charged. The power gorilla is an incredibly handy tool. We didn't have much space in the boats and the pelicases we used for electric equipment and it enabled us to take a single charger for everything, as opposed to many different specific chargers...

Empuaan, Tanzania


"Empuaan provides culturally-appropriate HIV/AIDS education to the Maasai and other ethnic groups living in an area the size of Wales. Tanzania's power grid hasn't reached this area, but in December 2007 a mobile phone network arrived. Now, with our totally mobile powergorilla and solargorilla units, we are able to power our phones and computer. We remain in 24/7 communication with local communities and colleagues, while also remaining in constant touch with our funders and others further away. This has completely changed th...

Murrayfield Stadium

Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland

Check out the powergorilla doing its thing at Murrayfield Stadium, home of Scottish Rugby. By the look of that snow, the powergorilla was the only thing being put through its paces on the pitch.

powergorilla charging Inmarsat satellite terminal

"How to add extra power or charge your Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Internet) Satellite terminal in the field, this applies to handheld satellite phones as well. A more portable option and by far the cheapest is a superb, small, well built and light weight battery system made by the folks at Powertraveller, a UK based company with huge talent for portable power options. The device is called powergorilla, at 631g its the lightest battery system i have used, or seen. The battery has a rated capacity of 21000mAh with output at different vo...

powergorilla on military duty in Afghanistan


Here's the powergorilla charging laptops in the tough Afghanistan desert for the British Army. "For those intending to stray off of the beaten track who require to use their IT and mobile communications, this is the must have, economic power solution. When accompanied with the solargorilla the two combine to be a constant power source that is entirely free and has zero impact on the environment. Rugged, small, lightweight, hi-tech addition to any short or long range trek, whether your camping or fishing or simply travell...

Powering radio - Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo

The Biso Na Biso Community radio team have been using a powermonkey explorer and solargorilla to increase their recording and production capabilities in remote villages in the Republic of Congo. "During several recent trips to villages including Mboua and Ngatongo, we were able to work without main sources of power to charge the battery of our laptop which acts as our mobile studio and to power our 5 volt Marrantz digital sound recorders" said Biso na Biso operator Privat Tiburce Massanga. The powermonkey explorer allows th...

Cycling for charity

The Pennines, United Kingdom

Duncan Phipp-MacIntyre is a charity cyclist who recently undertook an expedition cycling coast to coast across north England over the Pennines solo. The route: Morecombe to Bridlington (Way of the Roses), Yorkshire Wolds Cycleway, York to Barnsley to Chester to Welsh coast to Louth and Lincolnshire coast & wolds to Lincoln to Barnsley, through Derbyshire Peak District to Fosse Way (Roman Road) to Cirencester to Stonehenge to Glastonbury Tor and back to Barnsley. This is the first of 3 long rides for the Mind charity.  Duncan...

Ayers Rock, Australia

Uluru, Australia

Here's the world-travelling powermonkey explorer on another of its exciting adventures. This little chap kept mobile phones, iPods and handheld games consoles powered up whilst its owners admired a breath-taking view of Ayers Rock in Australia.

Isle of Wight Festival

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

These rather amazing pictures were taken at the Isle of Wight festival 2010. This clever fellow had tied his powermonkey-eXplorer to his hat and was recharging it whilst having a bop to some tunes! Genius!