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Lowland Search Dogs

Powertraveller has entered into a sponsorship agreement with Lowland Search Dogs, the national volunteer search and rescue organisation that locates missing people using specially trained dogs. Powertraveller will be supplying the entire network of county based teams with powermonkey explorers and also some of our latest award-winning portable chargers, the powermonkey extreme. On average, the teams are called out by the emergency services 50-60 times per year, often to help locate the most vulnerable people in the community such as...

Madagascar - Nick Garbutt


As his work takes him to some of the remoter parts of the world, Wildlife Author, Photographer and Artist, Nick Garbutt took the powergorilla and solargorilla out to Madagascar to keep his MacBook powered up whilst out in the field. "I've just returned from a 4 week trip to Madagascar and was able to put the solargorilla / powergorilla combination through its paces.  It worked exceptionally well and I was able to go through the entire trip without having to charger my MacBook once from the mains. Where I go, electricity...

Magadi-Gadi salt pans, Botswana


"These two images are of the powermonkey and soundtraveller keeping the team at Wintec Solutions sane when our Landrover became severely stuck in the Magadi- Gadi salt pans in Botswana, in December 2008(same pans the guys from "Top Gear" drove across!). We spent two nights in the salt pans with no cellphone reception and dwindling water supplies, but were still able to watch "Family Guy" and listen to music during our time there! We attempted to dig ourselves out for those two days and eventually had to walk to a...

Marathon Des Sables

Sahara Desert

The Marathon des Sables is a 250k run across the Sahara, where 850 intrepid adventure-seekers from around the world will broil in 50 degree heat for seven days, in the world's most brutal run. The race includes a marathon each day and an 84Km+ stage, as well as others of differing length and terrain.  Competitors must carry all their equipment on their back and only a carefully rationed nine litres of water and open-sided Berber tents are provided daily by the organisers. Competitor Luc Van den Avyle included a powermonkey e...

Marja Persson


A trip to Verbier at the age of twenty changed Marja Persson's life.  After entering the New Zealand Freeskiing Championships in 2000, and winning, Marja quit the rolling mountains of Sweden for the soaring peaks of the Alpes and began her professional skiing career. A formidable competitor, Marja has left her mark in the biggest events of the freeride circuit, and notably won the Verbier Xtreme in 2007, the most prestigious freeride competition in the world. World number one in the 2008 Freeride World Tour, she'll be participat...

Monkey up Table Mountain

Cape Town, South Africa

We all know that the powermonkey explorer gets around a bit so we weren't really surprised to see this little fella up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Our SA distributor Wintec Solutions hiked up to the top of the world-famous mountain and then used the powermonkey explorer to charge tourists' iPods and to keep their own phones juiced up so they had music to motivate them on the 6 hour hike up and down the mountain. Table Mountain affords spectacular views: on one side, the Gorge looking into Cape Town Harbour and...

Valley Noire, France

The Alps, France

Check out the powermonkey explorer soaking up the sun in the fabulous Valley Noire, France. The powermonkey explorer was used to keep iPods juiced up for those adrenaline-pumping runs down the slopes!

Parkinson's Atlantic Rowing Challenge

Atlantic Ocean

"On the 3rd of January 2011 My Brother and I, who are both former Royal Marines left the port of Puerto de Mogan on the Island of Gran Canaria and set out on an epic adventure to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua. We set ourselves the challenge of rowing over 3000 miles across the Atlantic in order to raise money and awareness for Parkinson's disease. A disease, which is close to our hearts as we have a family member, suffers from the degenerative neurological disease. The crossing was the culmination of o...

Polar Challenge


"Still getting over all the hype and media as we were the winning team this year.  We came in first, then France, followed by Taiwan.  It was amazing but very hard work - still can't believe we won. The powermonkey was great, it managed to keep my video recorder and iPod going the whole time I was out there."

On Safari, Kenya


They're at it again! Check out this powergorilla and his powermonkey explorer and powerchimp friends in Kenya!  The powergorilla is busy charging a MacBook Air  whilst the powermonkey-eXplorers are taking a bit of time out to get re-juiced. "As we spent 4 weeks crossing Africa through Kenya, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia, there was only one constant from tent to tent - no power, though the occasional charge from a car battery was offered. Taking 300-400 pictures a day, processing them every evening on a computer and...