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Gobi 2011

Ripley Davenport


Ripley Davenport is an adventurer who has acquired hands-on experience in desert travel after many years drifting across some of the world’s isolated deserts entirely on foot.
Two prominent expeditions have been to the Mongolian Gobi Desert. The first in 2010 when he attempted the first Solo man haul across the entire landmass of Mongolia from East to West. He managed to man haul his entire provisions and equipment weighing in excess of 240kg on a customised wheeled trailer a total 1628 km/1012 miles before aborting the expedition due to injury.
Then the following year he returned to Mongolia. He organised and led the The Gobi ‘Crossing’ 2011 Expedition, an arduous 1000 mile trek across the inhospitable, wind-blown Altai mountains and Gobi Desert, from West to East.  For nearly two months, he and his International team trekked a total distance of 1,136 miles, in adverse conditions, with 12 Bactrian Camels and a Mongolian/Khazak support crew..

Now approaching his mid-forties, he admits that, after a temporary pause from expeditions, he is far from finished and far happier pushing his mental and physical limits but his new project, which is due to launch in 2014, will not be surrounded by a sun baked earth in soaring temperatures isolated from the outside world.

Ripley has been supportive in raising awareness for charities and organisations that support children, education, humanitarian assistance and health issues and Multiple Sclerosis.

Rip's Timeline

MONGOLIA 2010 EXPEDITON | 2010-04-15
Gobi 2011 | 2011-05-26