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Blackburn Crew

Polar adventurers

The Blackburn2014 team consists of four athletes from various backgrounds, all living in Munich, Germany.
They have known each other for a long time and now decided to start this awesome project coming up in 2014. Coming from all different kind of sport backgrounds, like kitesurfing, speedflying and alpine climbing, there is a common passion for extreme outdoor adventures. Combining all of these skills the team will set for new limits!

Since Sebastian could barely walk, he was already in touch with sports. At the age of three he took on skiing. Three years later, Sebastian had his first experiences with water-sports and learned sailing. After racing skiffs for several years, he switched over to yacht-sailing and windsurfing. One day he saw the first kitesurfers on his homespot. From that day on he knew that he had to learn this sport, no matter the cost. Five years later he became German Freestyle Champion. In 2004 and 2005 Sebastian won the Junior Freestyle World Championships in snow kiting. In 2007 he became German Snowkite Champion and in 2011 he became German Vice Champion.

Philip credits his love of extreme sports with his parents both being physical education teachers and their enthusiasm about sports. At the age of three he was already on the way to become a professional swimmer, but after several championships he eventually retired of this solo sport. His passion for mountaineering and climbing drew him to study in Switzerland. There he switched to air- and other adrenaline sports activities such as big mountain skiing and snowboarding, in which he is now able to do backflips and corked jumps.

Andreas got in contact with the mountains and mountaineering very early in his life since his mother comes from a little town in Tirol in the middle of the Austrian Alps. His uncle was one of the pioneer-climbers at the Wilder Kaiser. Besides showing him the perfect spots and teaching techniques, his uncle taught him what climbing and mountaineering really means: Responsibility for the nature and yourself, to know your limits and getting to the edge of them. With this in his mind Andreas was always looking out for new adventures, from the Swiss Alps to the volcanic rocks on the Cape Verde Islands. Beeing a pioneer himself one day was always a driving force. In medical school he met Samuel Stotz and since this time the two of them, having a similar view of the alpine mountaineering sport and complementing one another perfectly regarding their skills, they very successfully tour together.

*Pictures used with kind permission from Nicolas Chibac and the Mammut Sports Group.

Blackburn Crew's Timeline

Ataraxia Project, Alaska | 2012-05-05
Snowkiting in the Bavarian Alps | 2013-12-14
Snow-kiting in Alaska, Mt.Blackburn | 2014-04-10