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Blackburn Crew

Snow-kiting in Alaska, Mt.Blackburn

*pictures and words courtesy of the Blackburn Crew, 2014

A kite supported mountaineering project to Mt. Blackburn, Alaska in Spring 2014.

The goal of this project was to combine classical mountaineering with snow-kiting in order to show that this way of climbing is efficient and fast, even in the extreme Alaskan environment.

Mt. Blackburn (4996m) and the surrounding area with Atna Peak (4225m) and Rime Peak (3762m) offer some of the most diverse and ideal terrain for the combination  of classical and extreme mountain sports.

Mt. Blackburn is the 5th highest peak in the United States and is situated right next to the largest interior valley glacier of the world.  Three major Alaskan peaks within throwing range of the base camp on Nabesna Glacier pose three different goals to accomplish with a much wider range of possible wind directions and weather conditions.  The peak of Mt. Blackburn, the crew's primary goal, can be kited from the middle of the Northwest ridge on and all the way over to the East summit of Mt. Blackburn.

Powertraveller supported the crew once again with portable charging solutions including powergorillas, solargorillas and powermonkey extremes.  Sebastian Bubmann had this to say:

"During our three week expedition in the St.Elias Range in Alaska, we relied on Powertraveller products to power our cameras, laptops, GPS devices, sat phone and headlamps.  The new silverback gorilla was our product of choice to store the power of the sun collected during the day (via solargorillas), when we were touring and to recharge our devices overnight.  4 solar panels hooked to each silverback generated an enormous charging amperage and if we needed 220V we pushed the button several times, a silent "click" and there you go, 220V on 2200m of altitude, surrounded by snow and ice with the wind shaking your tent, dressed in down jackets and pants - simply great!

Additionally we used all the powermonkey extremes in our sleeping tents for powering MP3 players and ebook readers for sitting out bad weather and our Garmin Tactix GPS watches over USB.  We placed the (solar) panels on the outside of the tent and the USB cables running through the ventilation system of our tents to small side pockets where we stored the battery unit of the powermonkey extreme.

We want to thank Powertraveller so very much for the great support and gear.  It is always good to take out the gear into the wild and be able to rely on powering cameras and other devices, drastically simplifying logistics of such an adventure and saving a lot of throw away batteries to protect the environment and nature we love!"


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