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Dave Cornthwaite

Board Free: Skateboarding Across Australia

Dave's 3618 mile journey from Perth to Brisbane became the longest skateboard journey in history. By the time he'd finished, it was only 22 months since he'd first stepped onto a skateboard. In that time Dave and his rollsrolls carbon kevlar longboard, Elsa, had crossed both the UK and Australia.
This is where the adventures all started for Dave. Seeing his home town from a new perspective on a skateboard opened his eyes to the possibilities of a life of passion, rather than the monotonous drag of a 9 to 5 he wasn't very good at, and hated. He quit his job, made a plan and went for it.
The BoardFree journeys helped open the floodgates for countless long distance skating efforts which continue to take a simple, beautiful sport beyond new boundaries. BoardFree still underlines the principle objectives that it has always been based upon; inspiring ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, with those very efforts benefitting worthwhile organisations. The successes of numerous BoardFree journeys to date have now joined forces with Dave's book, BoardFree, to inspire and encourage endless people to make a difference in their own lives, and those of others. 

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